My new favorite cloth diaper! {Poppy Fields} #switchtocloth

My new favorite cloth diaper! {Poppy Fields} #switchtocloth

If you are like me, your favorite cloth diaper changes all the time!  My newest favorite diaper is from Poppy Fields – a fitted, are you surprised?  No, didn’t think so. Plus, I now own some more of the world’s cutest diapers!  Okay, I know, on with the show, are you excited yet?
Poppy Fields started when Samantha and Mike had their first of two baby boys.  Like many other parents, they wanted to reduce the chemicals and toxins their little guys came in contact with and decided to use cloth diapers.  There begins their love affair (with cloth diapers).  When they started using cloth, fitted diapers were what worked best for them and they began to sew their own.  From there, they started making their own skin care products as well.  All of their products are handcrafted in California using only the finest materials and ingredients.  Plus, they offer a no hassle return or replace policy – isn’t that awesome?! 

Okay, so onto the good stuff, the diaper.  We received two diapers to test out on my little monkeys.  The Raccoon print and the Owls print.  Maggie loves the prints too and will tell me which diaper is hers and which is Charlie’s.  Now, I really really want the Pirate print! 

Diaper construction
Style:  Fitted diaper
Sizing:  5 different size options.  Newborn, Small, Medium, Medium Long, Large
Manufactured:  California (USA)
Closures:  Snaps, 3 snaps on each wing, 12 across front in one row, crossover snaps
Exterior:  Cotton knit (1)
Interior:  Natural colored organic cotton velour (3)
Hidden layers:  Organic cotton fleece (2)
Soakers:  2 Snap in doublers made from organic cotton velour and organic bamboo fleece for a total of 6 layers in the soakers (4)
Approximate value:  $34.50

Diaper duty

This diaper is so easy to use!  Even daddy loves it.  His first time using this diaper, he said, “Wow, I really like this diaper.  It’s super soft, and stretchy.  Plus, with only one row of snaps, it is fast and simple to put on the little squiggly babies.  The stretch makes getting that fit around the bellies easy.  If you have that baby that is super skinny but a bit older, this diaper will fit great because the waist can get so small.  The elastic around the legs and back is gentle and provides a great fit with no red marks. 

We haven’t had a single leak with this diaper.  Charlie and Maggie can wear it overnight with no problems.  The 9 layers of fabric provide a ton of absorption.  Even without a cover, they hold up well, although they require a cover to be completely waterproof.

Because the inserts snap in, I never have to waist time looking for the soakers when the laundry is done.  Because the soakers are sewn together at one end, that part takes a little bit longer to dry, so I usually hang it up when I take the rest of the laundry out of the dryer.

The diaper is made of high quality materials and I have no doubt that it will hold up for all of our children.  With two in diapers, we were washing diapers daily, and these haven’t faded a bit.  The colors are still vibrant.  *One of the diapers we received had a snap broken.  I contacted Poppy Fields, and not only were they very apologetic for the problem, they worked so quickly to get it replaced.  Quick, as in minutes.  They even sent a shipping label to use to return the diaper and sent out a replacement immediately.  There customer service is absolutely fantastic and you can see that they work very hard to make sure every customer is satisfied.*

Have I mentioned these diapers are so stinking adorable?  I am absolutely in love with both of the prints we own and really want to get some more of these.  Since having Charlie, we have been working on updating our boy stash, and sometimes, finding boy prints you love can be difficult, but with Poppy Fields, we have a ton of options.  I also love how the serged edges and buttons are in coordinating colors to match the diaper. 

So, at $34.50 are they worth it?  I think so.  While it is a bit more than many of my other fitted diapers, they are fantastic diapers, adorable, and the customer service is fabulous.  I would recommend these diapers to any mama out there.

Get your own Poppy Fields Fitted diapers now, or check out the other eco friendly products they carry for bathtime, sleepytime, or playtime.   Be sure to visit Poppy Fields on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest and greatest.

Want to win one?  Samantha and Mike have generously offered to give one of you lucky readers a Poppy Fields fitted diaper of your own as part of the Switch to Cloth giveaway!   

Check out Poppy Fields shop and let me know, what is your favorite print?  What is your favorite feature about this diaper?  

*Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned products for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own and only influenced by my experiences with the product and company and may differ from yours.*


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