My pregnancy week 21

We had our ultrasound last Friday and baby is very active and healthy.  We are not finding out the gender of the baby.  We let our first be a surprise and loved that moment of oooh, it’s a girl, I can’t wait for that moment of ooh , it’s a ????? again.  Baby moved around the entire time and looked like Boom Boom was playing peek a boo because BB kept covering his / her face.  BB also sucked his / her thumb and that was so adorable!!!!

About our baby (from what to expect when you’re expecting)
  How big is baby this week?  About 7 inches in length (think large banana) and almost 11 ounces in weight.  And talking about bananas, you might want to eat some this week if you’d like your baby to have a taste for them.  Some carrots, too.  That’s because amniotic fluid differs from day to day depending on what you have eaten (hot chili one day, sweet banana another), and now that your baby is swallowing amniotic fluid each day (for hydration, nutrition, and also to get practice swallowing and digesting), he or she will be getting a taste of – and a taste for – whatever’s on your menu.  Here’s another update:  Arms and legs are finally in proportion, neurons are now connected between the brain and muscles, and cartilage throughout the body is turning to bone.  Which means that when your baby makes his or her moves (which you’re probably feeling by now), they’re much more coordinated – no more jerky twitches.

My symptoms – My morning sickness that lasted all day has gotten much better.  I haven’t thrown up since I threw up on my daughter a few weeks ago.  I’m still nauseous but not as often.  Part of the day I feel like I have more energy, but then I’m exhausted.  My workout has been shortened to 30 instead of 60 minutes of cardio, but lately that seems to be too much, I’m exhausted about an hour after I’m done.  I have a lot of ligament pain which makes it uncomfortable to walk sometimes.  I’m already getting some stretch marks, but I doubt I will really notice over the old ones 🙂  

My weight gain – I have finally gained weight, much to my doctors delight.  I had lost 7 pounds (I lost 15 with my first), but am now up 3 pounds.  It’s much easier to gain when you aren’t throwing up all day.

Cravings – I just crave junk food!   

Other stuff – At our appointment, I measured two weeks ahead according to the doctor, but the baby is measuring 1 week ahead based on the ultrasound. 

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