My Pregnancy Week 23

Happenings of the Harper Household

Week 23 with baby #2

Baby #2 is growing so quickly and moving around a ton.  My daughter didn’t do things like somersaults and gymnastics in my stomach, she moved a lot, but not like that.  Last night, the baby was pushing his / her butt out and I had a hard bulge on my stomach.  All of a sudden, I could feel the baby do a somersault, I felt the entire thing!  It was so cool, then dad could feel baby moving around a bunch for a minute or two.  Then baby did another somersault and stuck the butt back out 🙂  It’s my second baby and that felt like something I have never experienced.  I am so excited for this baby!

Maybe someday I will learn to smile when I take these pictures….

About Baby #2 Week 23 (What to Expect when you are expecting)
A window into your womb would reveal that your baby’s skin is a bit saggy, hanging loosely from his or her little body.  That’s because skin grows faster than fat develops, and there’s not much fat to fill that skin out yet.  But don’t worry – the fat is about to start catching up.  Beginning this week, your baby (who is around 8 inches long and just over a pound in weight) begins to pack on the pounds (which means you will, too!).  In fact, by month’s end, your baby will be double the weight he or she is now (fortunately, you won’t be).  Once those fat deposits are made, your baby will be less transparent, too.  Right now, the organs and bones can still be seen through the skin, which has a red hue thanks to the developing blood veins and arteries just underneath.  But by month 8, no more see through baby!

How I am feeling:  Mostly, I have felt alright, although the last few days, I have been nauseous again.  Hoping that goes away.  Tonight, I have had a lot of pain in my stomach, hoping it’s nothing serious and deciding if I need to go to the doctor or at least call them.  It seems to have subsided, so hoping that it is ok.  I feel very lazy!  Sitting makes my back hurt.  When I sleep at night, I always flop over onto my back and wake up with a horrible backache about a hundred times a night.  I am very sensitive and cry easily.  I also get winded easily when I have to go upstairs. 

Weight gain:  Haven’t gained any more weight this week.  

Cravings:  Candy!  Ridiculous amounts of junk food.  Last night it was Caramello bars.    Lil Cutie Oranges and broccoli with dill dip (not the cuties and broccoli together though).  And Lucky Charms.  

Other stuff:  I just want to snuggle my daughter, I’m starting to feel like I’m going to lose something with her when this baby is born and just want to spend every minute with just her that I can.  I know that everything will be just fine, but that’s what spins through my head lately.  But I think that’s due in part to her independence lately.



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