My pregnancy week 27

My pregnancy week 27

Week 27
Wow!  The last week of the 2nd trimester!  I’m so excited!  
I have toes….I know because they run into toys and stuff!
All About Baby 
Baby graduates onto a new growth chart this week….head to toe!  Babys length is a full 15 inches long!  Baby’s weight is creeping up the charts as well, coming in at just over 2 pounds this week.  Here’s an interesting factoid:  baby has more taste buds now than he or she will have at birth!  Which means that not only is baby able to taste the difference in amniotic fluid, but might react to it.  
About baby and mommy
I feel pretty good.  Huge, but good.  I get winded easily climbing steps and bending over repeatedly.  I tire easily if I walk to far.  My pelvis is tender a lot.  It hurts when I get up from the floor or squat.  
This baby moves all the time!     Maggie didn’t wiggle a lot, just stretch and punch or kick a lot.  This baby will do that, then roll over so the backside is pushing out on my stomach so we get to watch my stomach change shape a lot.  It’s so much fun to watch, but not always the most comfortable, but I love that baby moves so much.  As in…all day long for days at a time, then baby takes a break for a day or so with just a few movements here or there.  It’s fun to feel the baby roll back and forth, but it worries John that the cord will get wrapped around baby.
I’ve been really hungry!  Mostly, any food is fine, once in a while, something sounds bad, but mostly, I don’t have any aversions.  I do however have ridiculous cravings.  I craved Dairy Queen for 2 straight days.  To the point where I almost woke up Maggie from her nap and drove to town…but if you have read about my nap struggles, you will understand what held me back.  I finally did get Dairy Queen, and wouldn’t you know, buy a blizzard get a 2nd for 99 cents.  Yay!  That covered me for a few days 🙂  
I don’t know how much weight I am gaining.  I have decided to just “weigh in” on that after my doctor appointments since that will be much more accurate.  
I keep having these crazy dreams that I go into labor and it’s just Maggie and I at home, so I go to wake her up to go, and I just go into full blown labor, baby is coming too fast.  I end up delivering my own baby before anybody gets here to help (with Maggie running around).  Then the other night, I dreamed that I was in the hospital, had the baby way early, but all was well.  We went home the next day and I stopped at my family’s to visit, and just left the new baby in the car because he was sleeping….yes, in this dream, the baby was a boy.  We have no idea what we are having, but I sense a boy…we shall see.  I had no thoughts or ideas with Maggie, no feeling one way or another.  Everybody thinks this baby is a boy though.  We shall see in June!  
Are you pregnant and want to share your story as it unfolds?  I’d love to read about it!  
I love being pregnant!!!  In fact, I actually cried the night before I had my daughter because I wouldn’t be pregnant anymore!!


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