My pregnancy week 31

My pregnancy week 31

Wow!  Week 31, only 9 weeks left.  So excited! 

About baby 
Baby still has 3-5 pounds to gain before deliver, but is already weighing over 3 pounds!  And, baby is at least 18 inches long and close to his or her birth length already.  Baby’s brain connections are developing very quickly these days.  He or she already processes information, tracks light, and perceives signals from all five senses.  My little braniac is also very sleep, putting in longer stretches of snooze time and has REM sleep; leading to more defined patterns of awake and sleep.  Monday I enter the 8th month!  
What the babe looks like
How baby and I are feeling
Tired…oh so very tired.  I’ve been in denial about the exhaustion, but I have realized that my exhaustion is due in great part to the pregnancy.  I was sure it was from going going going and keeping up with Maggie, and not sleeping enough, but that’s only part of it.
My pelvis is so sore and tender…has been for over a month now I think.  It hurts a ton to cross and uncross my legs especially.  Getting up, rolling over and trying to lift my leg to put on my pants is uncomfortable.  The doctor says I am just stretched out already.  
I’m starting to wonder if my feet are swollen at the end of the day…I don’t think they are, but they sure hurt.  
I am convinced I’m either having a huge baby or I’m having twins…not sure which scares me more!!!
I am so tired of hearing how huge I am and how, oh you must be due any day now.  I am not that big, pretty big, but I think it’s just baby’s position, although it feels like that changes nonstop throughout the day.  
I love how active baby is.  At the end of the day, this baby moves for close to 2 straight hours.  
We had our maternity pictures done this last weekend and I can’t wait to get the pictures and share them.  Maggie loves this baby so much and I can’t wait to see her with the baby.


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