My Pregnancy Week 33

My Pregnancy Week 33

Happenings of the Harper Household

Wow!  I have missed a week or two.  Life sure has been crazy around our house.  Doesn’t look like the next week or so will be any more mellow. 

I am getting very excited!  Only 7 weeks to go.  Actually, 6 weeks and 2 days.  
Isn’t my baby looking adorable?! 🙂  Here is what’s going on with this little one inside of me.  
Baby is gaining weight almost as fast as you are these days (averaging out to about half a pound a week), which puts the grand total so far at more than 4 1/2 pounds.  Still, your baby has plenty of growing up (and out) to do.  He or she may grow a full inch this week along and may come close to doubling in weight by D-day.  And with that much baby inside my uterus now, the amniotic fluid has maxes out – there isn’t room for more.  This explains why those pokes and kicks are sometimes extremely uncomfortable – there’s less fluid to cushion the blows.  Antibodies are also being passed from me to baby as this little one continues to develop his or her immune system.  
How have we been feeling?  Okay I suppose.  Pretty tired and it still hurts to cross and uncross my legs or get to a standing position from the floor.  Sadly, when I stand up from the floor, I come close to peeing my pants a lot.  Not good if you have a toddler.  I have had lots of heartburn lately.  I’m tired, but I have small bursts of energy throughout the day.  My right hip doesn’t stay in place and I end up limping until I get back to the chiropractor – but I would need to go every 3 days or so if I want to completely avoid this.  I still throw up my breakfast every so often.  Most of the time, I can keep it down when I start to get sick to my stomach, but sometimes my stomach hurts so bad that I can’t keep from getting sick.  I gained 5 pounds in the last month which puts me up 7 pounds (I believe). 
Maggie has gotten cuter and cuter hugging and kissing my belly lately.  She is getting a bit mad at me when she sits on my lap on the floor and there is no lap for her to sit on.  She’s going to be the best big sister though, I’m so excited for that.  She’s spent a few days with my best friends baby lately and I have been teaching her to not touch the face and hands and she is very gentle with the baby.  So so so cute!  

Yesterday I went to a garage sale and wanted to punch the lady!  She asked when we walked up what we were having.  When I said we don’t know, she responds with – well that really sucks!  Ummmmm…really….I’m glad we don’t know, we didn’t want to find out until our baby is born so we don’t think it sucks.  Then she asks how long I have left, I tell her and she responds  oh my gosh, that’s horrible.  Really lady!  I love being pregnant!  LOVE IT!!!  So I dont’ think it’s horrible. 


  • lol, not much that strangers can say during pregnancy that makes us mothers happy. I am really glad that you enjoy being pregnant, I was like that with my first pregnancy, but my second not so much!

  • That is soo cute.. I love the pictures.. I am actually 39 weeks pregnant.. well my due date is May 14th with my 2nd.. and I have a 16 month old.. She pats my tummy.. I hope all goes well for you. God bless you. Judith

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