My pregnancy week 36

Wow!  Only a month left!  I am so excited!  

Happenings of the Harper Household
What’s going on with baby?
Baby weighs around 6 pounds now and is about 20 inches tall (which happens to be how tall Maggie was at birth).  Baby’s systems are just about ready for life on the outside.  

What’s going on with me (and baby)?
 Well, we had our checkup today and are dilated to a 1.  We are 0% effaced right now.  Baby however, is at a -3, or was at our appointment. I think the baby is trying to trick the doctor though, because this baby is usually sitting very low, but for some reason scooted pretty far up for our appointment.   This little one is very busy!  I know I read that there is less kicking and stuff at this point, but I am not sure that I believe that.  This baby is very active.  

I get leg cramps, more like restless legs when I sit down at night.  So annoying, but what is more annoying, is the nonstop heartburn!  I hate taking medicine of any kind, so even taking tums seems like cheating on my body, but I may have to because around dinnertime, the heartburn starts and doesn’t quit all night.  I am seriously congested, but that has been somewhat constant the entire pregnancy.  I get dizzy and lightheaded if I get up too quickly or bend down to pick up Maggie’s toys.  

I have horrible pain / pressure in my pelvis.  Okay, not really horrible, but it’s  to be expected during labor, not when I have had to deal with it for quite awhile already.  There are times I have to use my hands to cross or uncross my legs because I am so tender.  If I do too much, which really isn’t much….sweeping for instance, I end up useless for quite awhile afterwards.  Sometimes when I walk it feels like my hip is popping out.  

Baby loves to move my belly button with his / her foot.  It rolls up and out, and is entirely awesome to watch and feel!  Maggie never did that sort of thing, so it’s new to me.  I have an insanely disgusting amount of stretch marks around my belly button because baby sits all out front.  Maggie was much more spread around, but with this baby, you can’t even tell I’m pregnant from the back.  I have to show you this picture, because this is how much baby pushes out on my belly off and on all the time.  

I also have trouble breathing sometimes…and that’s when I am just sitting on the couch!  

I know it sounds like I am complaining, but I am not really.  I LOVE being pregnant.  This pregnancy has been entirely different than my first and much more uncomfortable. 
My doctor keeps commenting on how differently I carry this babyEverybody, and I mean everybody keeps commenting on how huge I am compared to my daughter.  The doctor and I agree, it’s just because I am carrying so differently (at least I hope).  I don’t really want to push out a 9 pounder!  
John was super nervous to go back to work because we are approaching baby time.   I won’t lie, so am I.  He is 10 hours away working and not planning to be back until baby is born.  He will be getting switched out to North Dakota which will be much closer, but we don’t know yet when that will be.  

Maggie is cuter everyday about the baby.  Tons of hugs and kisses and laughing when she sees my belly.  Not sure how baby feels though.  Lately it seems like Maggie has been using my stomach for a chair or a step stool.  It hurts so much when she presses on my belly when baby is pushed out like in the picture. 
So let’s have some fun…anybody want to take a guess at the gender and date this baby will be born?  My daughter was 4 days overdue.  Our due date is June 25th.  My family is guessing the baby will be here on the 8th or 9th and I am guessing (or maybe hoping) Father’s Day weekend. 

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