How we are enjoying National Parks and Recreation month

When we were buying our house, one thing we fell in love with about our house, was that it is right across the street from the wildlife refuge.  We are pretty much guaranteed to see some sort of wildlife every single day.  Deer, turkey, fox, and an occasional coyote.  Our family loves to be outdoors exploring, walking, playing and visiting.


I love my park and recreation, Our Piece of Earth

I am always looking for FREE or cheap activities to do with my kids, and the majority of the things I am interested in take place outdoors.  That’s what I love about our local park and recreation associations.  There are always activities for us to do and parks for us to visit.  Whether we are stopping to play or they are jumping in the jogging stroller, we are always having fun exploring nature and watching the animals that we see.


Perhaps my very favorite part of our local parks and recreation association is playing softball.  I love my one night a week fun for me.  But my kids love it too.  They get very excited when I tell them it is time to go to ball.  Then, while I play ball, they get to play too.


July is National Parks and Recreation month and we are getting out to as many local parks as we can.  After all, the activities are designed to help families spend quality time together, enjoy nature and get active.  With all of the activities our local parks have going on, we can find more reasons to get out and enjoy this gorgeous weather we are having while making our stand against obesity and teaching our kids the importance of being active and enjoying all that nature has to offer.


As part of Park and Recreation Month, it’s time for you to show your love for your local parks and recreation by answering this question – “I love my Parks and Recreation Because……”  Print out this poster and fill in what you love about it.  Then, upload a picture of you with your poster for a fun, month long weekly photo contest share the LOVE for local parks.  The NRPA website includes information on all of the above initiatives, free downloadable resources as well as a calendar of events scheduled nationwide.

I love my park and recreation, Our Piece of Earth

What are your favorite things about your local parks and recreation association?  Do you get out and visit the parks and activities often?


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