7 New Mom and Baby Must Haves

We all know that being a new mom, especially a first time mom can be stressful.  From being sleep deprived to not being able to figure out why your baby is crying, some days it feels like you might lose it.  After having my third baby, there are a few products that I wanted to check out that have made my life easier.


The MamaRoo.  Seriously, this is love.  When Pish Posh Baby agreed to send me a MamaRoo Plush in exchange for sharing some products I think any new mom and baby must have, I was stoked.  Then it arrived and I had to wait for the baby to make his appearance.  I could not wait to use it, and spent those weeks playing with the MamaRoo and checking out each feature.   Because of the space saving design and all of the features, it takes the place of a swing and a bouncy seat freeing up our living room for my 2 and 4 year old.  Now, Henry has been enjoying the MamaRoo, and loves to stare at the 3 reversible balls as he rests comfortably.  Plus, this thing is seriously easy to wash, with sides that zip off in seconds.  A lifesaver around here because Henry is a spitter-upper all of the time.  Whatever motion baby decides is for him, the MamaRoo has him covered.


Blooming Bath.  I had been wanting to try this bath out since I first heard about it a few years ago.  After having Charlie, Maggie was always trying to help me bathe him, and in those early weeks, that was stressing me out just a bit.  Now with Henry, Charlie isn’t nearly as gentle as Maggie was, so I have to be even more careful.  After Henry was born, my back hurt so bad and I realized just how awesome the Blooming Bath was.  Being able to keep him comfortable and happy while bathing him, while not having to hunch over to bathe him made a huge difference in those first few weeks when my back was sore.

Blooming Bath

Baby Carrier.  A quality baby carrier is one of the most important things a new mom could have in my opinion.  I know that baby wearing has been an absolute lifesaver with my second and third babies.  I have a good collection of carriers, but really want to try the Beco Gemini like this one.

Beco Gemini

Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag.  I can’t tell you how many diaper bags I have gone through trying to find one that I like.  I bought a Skip Hop Duo bag for a trip I took with just Maggie and I when she was a baby and loved it.

Skip Hop Duo

White Noise Machine.  Now on my third baby, I still swear by a white noise device.  I had a different white noise machine when Maggie was born and have had to replace it at least 3 times.  Knowing the quality of products from Pish Posh Baby, I would love to try this Baby Shusher because I have confidence in the quality and durability of everything you will find there..


Duux Air Humidifier.  Our humidifier broke and I have been really missing it.  I would definitely love one of these for Henry.  Not only are they great to have for babies, but they are great to have for older kids and adults as well.

Air Humidifier

Boon High Chair.  Just because you are having a newborn doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan ahead for as they get older.  That time just flies by.  I love the sleek look of the Boon, as well as how easy to clean it is.



While there are an overwhelming number of products that you can buy for a new mom and baby, there are some that really are must haves and make life so much easier on the new mom, allowing her to really focus on that gorgeous little newborn.  Pish Posh Baby is taking the legwork out of finding the best products by doing the research for you.  With the knowledgeable, real life moms available to help you, you will get fast, honest answers to your questions, in a mom to mom way.  Visit PishPoshBaby’s site to see their entire product line and follow their blog. You can also “LIKE” them on Facebook
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Are these products on your must haves list?  What other new mom and baby products would you add?


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