A New Way to Fundraise with #Funds2Org + FREE Micro-Enterprise Curriculum

“This is a sponsored post written in partnership with the Bloggy Moms Network and Funds2Org. All opinions are my own.”


It seems that year after year, I find that companies and schools are offering the same options for fundraising.  I always think, there has to be a better option than trying to sell things that people really don’t want to buy, but feel obligated to buy anyways because of the cute little faces behind the order form.  Funds2Org is the answer to something different.


With Funds2Org, you are doing more than just fundraising.  You will help raise funds, engage your volunteers, all while creating a sustainable, lasting impact on not just your local community, but those around the world.  Through this unique shoe drive fundraiser, you have the opportunity to make a lasting impression while supporting your case.  Your organization will be able to save lives by providing employment to countries in need, repurposing metric tons of unrecyclable materials from landfills, creating good will, and igniting the fire to make a difference.  All of that happens while you are raising money.  With Funds2Org, your entire team and all donors get involved.  No more taking a back seat.  You will have the opportunity to leave a lasting impression simply by collecting, distributing and repurposing discarded shoes.  Funds2Org turns these shoes into revenue for your organization.  To learn more about how this program works, watch this quick video.

What really sets Funds2Org apart from other fundraising companies, is this.  Funds2Org provides domestic nonprofits the ability to raise funds by carrying out engaging fundraising drives.  Not your average fundraiser, something to really get, and keep people involved.  They help to create and sustain micro-enterprise opportunities for low-income entrepreneurs in developing nations.  And best of all – they help to dramatically reduce the amount of post-consumer waste in our nation’s landfills.  Funds2Org is useful for so many people and can really spread the benefits around.


Right now, Funds2Org is offering a FREE Micro-Enterprise Curriculum that can be downloaded in just minutes by visiting this page.  This FREE curriculum has 4 levels – elementary, middle, high and homeschool.  Each level contains 5 modules:  General Business, General Marketing, Micro-Enterprise Fundaments, Creating a Micro-Enterprise Business Plan, and Finance.  Classes that can benefit anybody, and encourage success as you grow.  The curriculum comes complete with worksheets and a teacher’s guide to help students understand the importance of local businesses and micro-enterprises, as well as explore their impact on communities around the world.  This curriculum will allow schools across the country to teach children the importance of good business and how they benefit people worldwide.  Not only that, but hopefully, students will be inspired to host a shoe fundraiser drive for their school to help raise money and leave their footprint both locally and globally.

Who do you know that could benefit from an organization like Funds2Org?  {Don’t be shy – share this post with them}.


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