New Year, Better Me

With all of the changes that 2018 has brought the kids and me, I’m excited for 2019. I know this year will be full of amazing new adventures. This opportunity to start over has really had me thinking about what I want this coming year to look like. Some things really stand out but for me, the reality that I haven’t paid much attention to me is pretty high up there. I’m looking forward to how great this year will be us.

The ¬†Fossil – Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch¬†is one way I’m stepping up my mom game this year. One of my goals was to put my phone down more. The problem with that is my job involves being online and I work from home. Setting hours hasn’t worked so well because they are still fairly young. Having the Fossil smartwatch that sinks to my phone so I get the alerts without really disrupting my day has been so great. It allows me to see if I need to reply to the alert of if I can carry on with whatever we are doing.

When we are waiting somewhere, I love to look at the random facts or top news or even ask it a question. I’m a huge fan of how there are follow up options to the random facts. If it’s a quote, you can then click on the person who said the quote to find out more about them – or even more about whatever the fun fact is. We love this feature and use it so often.

For me – I love Google Fit. The fitness challenges are pretty quick so I can take a break from working and do a squat challenge or sit-up challenge or push-up challenge or even something else. Having my steps and fitness activity tracker has made me so motivated to do better. Sometimes that means pulling the kids on the sled or going up and down the sled hill with them. I can get my steps in by having fun with the kids. The move minutes and heart points keep me active in all the right ways. I choose my workout and can track how my body is doing.

This watch has allowed me to make every minute matter. My kids get more of my attention and I get more done. Christmas season is the busiest time of year for my craft business and being able to see my notifications without taking off my stain-covered gloves made it so easy to be efficient and get my orders out quickly. The Google Assistant keeps me on top of my day every day. I know what is happening and when with a quick glance at my wrist.

I can do all of these things with a beautiful and stylish watch. Whether I’m dressing up or going about my day to day life or getting my fitness on, I can feel put together and stay motivated. 2019 better watch out because I’m ready to make some changes for my health and my life and our family.

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