Nighty night sleepy baby! *Little Star Lullabies Review*

Nighty night sleepy baby! *Little Star Lullabies Review*

Even before I had kids, I knew I would play music in their room while they slept.  When I was teaching, that’s what we did, and we could talk, clean, and get things done without waking them up.  It seemed obvious that I would do that with my kids.  We have a sound machine, and a lullaby cd, but I was really happy to get a chance to review this cd.  Little Star Lullabies is a collection of 8 relaxing instrumental pieces designed to help babies and children sleep.  Each track provides a calming ambience that comforts babies and children.  The soft melodies create an atmosphere that helps little ones settle down for a good night’s rest while blocking out other sounds that may wake them. 

Each track contains a different combination of instruments.  Flutes, Glockenspiels, recorders, harps and more; all harmonized to create a warm sound.  The tracks flow together so well, I never noticed when one song ended and the next began so it wasn’t disruptive to them like some music is.  I love listening to this cd.  During the day if Maggie is getting too wild or Charlie is having a tough time, I can play this music and it calms them down.  It’s a nice transition when they are feeling over stimulated.

If you are looking for a lullaby cd for your children at night or during nap, or just want some instrumental background music, check out Little Star Lullabies.  This is a wonderful calming cd that even helps to relax mom and dad.
Download the album from itunes or$7.92)
Stay up to date when they release some more great melodies by following them on Facebook or by checking out Little Star Lullabies.

What helps your little ones sleep?  

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  • We play classical music for my daughter every night too. I like that you say the tracks flow together on this CD. The hard part for me is when there is that silence in between…

  • My five year old has a lot of difficulty getting to sleep. We lived with my mother for about a year starting when my daughter was 17 months old. My mother loves babies so much but she is very bad about ingraining very bad habits in them. I understand spoiling one’s grandkids but she goes waaaay overboard to the point where our children’s health is sometimes compromised. She got my daughter into the habit of staying up half the night, eating way too much food and obsessing over food and eating candy all the time. This went on for a year until we were finally able to change our situation but now we’re left with a little girl who wants everything *right now*, is addicted to sweets and can’t get to sleep at a decent hour at night. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to try to play soothing music for her to get her to sleep. That’s a wonderful idea. I’ll have to check out this CD.

    • Living with family definitely makes it harder to enforce the rules you want followed! i hope things get back to your “normal” and she starts sleeping better. My daughter somehow got on this snack kick. It was hideous, that was all she said all day, and wouldn’t eat much at mealtime. I got lazy while I was pregnant, but since getting stricter about what times I give her snacks, it has helped a ton!

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