Oh, is the baby sleeping? Breastfeeding bloopers

I can honestly say that I can’t think of any bloopers.  That said, when Maggie was 1 week old, we had to go to a wedding.  Everybody was very excited to meet her and wanted to see her.  I was sitting in the back of the reception area at our table nursing her under her blanket.  I was wearing a dress and my only option was to pull down the whole side to nurse her, so I figured I should cover up a little bit.  Not thinking about what I may be doing, somebody walked over and said, “Oh, she’s sleeping” and lifted the blanket to have a peek….SURPRISE!  Didn’t really bother me but the person who did this was a big guy!  He was a bit embarrassed, but I thought it was pretty funny.

I’m definitely not a shy person, and my daughter has always latched on pretty fast, but when she was just starting out, we did try to cover her up when we were out in public.  Over the next few months, we did this just to keep her from getting distracted.  Once she got more wiggly though, we have pretty much given up covering her up whenever possible.  She just gets mad and throws it off.  I do keep a blanket wrapped around her and cover the side of her head that’s not against me, but only because she does still get distracted, but she hates being covered up.

She’s 16 months old now, and seems to think my boobs belong to her.  When she decides it’s time to nurse, she just yanks my shirt down, which has given quite a few people a show.  The only place I do try to be careful with her doing this is church, it just feels wrong to give people a peep show there.  If I don’t let her in, she will sit there with her hand down my shirt touching one of the girls just to comfort herself.  Silly little girl!

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  • Out in public I almost always used a cover with a framed part that you could see down on your baby. I was always super paranoid that someone would come peek in at my baby through the top opening. I was not that worried about being seen just that it would have been very embarrassing for that person. That exact thing happened to a friend of mine and I expected it to happen ever after. We nursed for 13 months and it didn’t so I guess I was paranoid for nothing.

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  • Kristen – That is true, usually it’s much more embarrassing for the other person. After nursing for awhile, I think as moms we become immune to it.

    Thanks for the follow! Headed to your page now.

  • LOL! This hasn’t happened to me yet but we are kind of hermits right now and haven;t had many outings long enough that I had to nurse.

    • We have never been hermits so we had to figure it out quick. We get bored (ok, mostly I get bored) being home too much since her dad works out of state, so we try to go visit people at least once a week and go watch the nieces and nephews play their sports.

  • Haha! I’ve nursed in public so much I’ve had people say that to me probably 20 times over the years but I don’t think anyone has ever pulled the blanket up to see. I have had people come over and kinda peek only to realize baby was *not* sleeping. I’ve even had 1 or 2 that never seemed to realize baby was nursing at all. It does tend to be much more embarrassing for them.

    • Even in groups with all moms, I still get the oooh, he’s eating comment with my little man. It amazes me that NIP is still kind of taboo in some places because half the time, you can’t even see what is happening. Most often, they simply think baby is sleeping.

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