Ornaments with Love *Review*

Ornaments with Love *Review*

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved decorating the Christmas tree.  I remember the fun of getting my own personalized ornament every year.  Somewhere along the way, my personalized ornaments disappeared.  You can’t imagine how sad I am about that. Now that we have our own kids and our own home – I like finding those perfect ornaments that hopefully my kids will treasure some day.  When I looked at Ornaments with Love, I was super excited by all of the choices and immediately sent the link to the kids’ grandma because she buys them all their own ornament every year.  I decided to get a family ornament for us instead of an individual one.

Now, if you click these links and search, you are going to find the perfect ornament!  One of our dogs is getting old and there is a good chance he won’t make it until next Christmas (sad face) so I wanted to be sure to get an ornament with our entire family – John and I, both kids, and both dogs. We ended up choosing the Personalized fireplace Christmas ornament with dogs and cats.  It is adorable – and I love the dog bones for the dogs.  It really is the perfect ornament for us with lots of personalization.  The top of the fireplace has our name, the fire has the year, the stockings have our names and the dog bones have the dogs names. The only thing I did notice was that on the 4th stocking, it isn’t centered, but unless you look at it close, you don’t notice it. 

Close up, you can see that the stocking isn’t centered, but if you look at it hanging on the tree, you can’t see it.

Ordering from Ornaments with Love was so easy!  The categories are easy to navigate and narrow down so you don’t have to look through tons of ornaments that you aren’t looking for.  There is a line that is clearly marked for everything you need to type.  Both of our dogs are black, and the order form has lines for each colored dog or cat, so I left a comment asking to have 2 black dogs instead and that is exactly what I received!  Plus, the ornaments shipped really fast and arrived in just a few days.  This ornament is so easy to customize to your family size, allowing for up to 8 stockings and however many dogs and cats you need.  I can’t wait to get the lights on our Christmas tree so we can hang our ornament!

Be sure to check out the fun individualized ornaments too.  They even have an archery ornament that I love!  I haven’t found an archery ornament anywhere else.  With such a wide selection – you will find tons that you want to add to your tree. 

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Do you buy personalized ornaments each year?  Which one is your favorite?

*Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned products for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100%  my own  and only influenced by my experience with the company and product.*


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