Our maternity pictures

Our maternity pictures

I finally have a chance to write a post!  I feel like I have been so busy with things in life lately.  A few weeks ago, we went and had our maternity pictures taken.  I was really excited, we never did this with our first pregnancy and I wish we had, but because of how adorable Maggie is when she kisses and hugs my belly, I was definitely not going to skip it this time.  
I felt like a cow in some of them though.  John said I looked great in what I was wearing, but when I look at the pictures, my arms and face look so fat in some pictures, but that’s okay, it’s a part of pregnancy sometimes. 


  • I am new to your blog but I wanted to let you know I loved the photos. We were due to have ours when my husband got home from deployment. 4 days before our daughter was due. I am still sadden that she was delivered via emergency c-section at 35 weeks and we never did get our photos. Enjoy yours and I love the one of your little girl kissing your belly. Adorable.

    • Thank you! We had fun getting these done. Usually she kisses and hugs my belly more, but she wasn’t in the mood. I’m glad we had these done. We didn’t get any of John with my belly the first time around 🙁

  • Oh my goodness! Those are so cute! I got the lucky chance to have my best friend take my preggo pics and I loved them. I want to do it again with this one too!

  • Your pictures are beautiful! That’s my one regret about my pregnancies is that I didn’t have many pics taken of my baby bumps. You are glowing mama! =)

    • Thank you! I too regretted that we didn’t get any done like this the first time. I did take pictures every week, but never dated them the first time, so it’s kind of a guessing game how many weeks along I was.

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