Our Valentine’s Day fun *Tuesdays Toddler Tales linky*

Our Valentine’s Day fun *Tuesdays Toddler Tales linky*

I’m not going to lie.  Valentine’s Day is not my favorite holiday, although spending it with the little ones makes it much more enjoyable.  
We didn’t do nearly as much as I would have liked, but somehow, it kind of snuck up on me.  What did we do?  
We made strawberry jello and cut it into heart shapes.  
We painted cards for daddy and the grandparents.  Maggie used her handprints and Charlie used his footprint.  It was so funny.   Charlie looked frightened by the paint on his foot, but when I put his foot on the paper, he got so smiley.  He just loved that part, it was hilarious! On the front, they said, “From the bottom of my heart” with her handprints upside down making a heart.  On the inside, it said “To the tips of my toes” with Charlie’s footprints.  Then we put their names and the year on them to make a nice keepsake.  
What did you do with your little ones to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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