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I know that I have shared one of my favorite fitted diapers with you before, and I am thrilled to tell you more about Poppy Fields. Let me start by saying that Samantha is awesome to work with and her and her husband will go out of their way to help you get the right diaper.

Poppy Fields Fitted Cloth diaper, review

The prints you will find at Poppy Fields are some of the cutest ones I have found, and they aren’t the same prints you will find at every other cloth diaper shop.  The prints are made with quality fabric that won’t fade after just a few washes.  In fact, I have washed our Poppy Fields diapers every two days since getting them back in February and they are still as vibrant as they were when we got them.  I really love how there are so many of what I like to call “earthy” prints.  You know, nature animals and stuff like that.  Those are my favorite.  We have an owl print, a raccoon print, and now, an awesome beaver print.  All fabrics used are oeko-tex certified organic or GOTS certified and Intertek certified lead free.  Only the best for your babe!  The polyard serging is soft, colorfast, chlorine-resistant woolie like polyester that will not yellow, melt under a medium iron, or snag like nylon and is done with a coordinating color that will accent the diaper print.  The diapers use professional resin snaps that are built to last.  And because the Poppy Fields family really cares about our environment as well, all diapers are packaged in biodegradable, compostable bags.  Each Poppy Fields diaper is lovingly made here in the USA.

Poppy Fields Fitted Diaper Back

Poppy Fields fitted diapers come in 5 different sizes, newborn, small, medium, medium-long, and large.  I love that they now offer a fold down rise option which will allow your diapers to fit even longer.


Each Poppy Fields Organic Fitted Diaper provides 9 layers of protective absorbency for your little wetter.  The outer layer is made with some of the cutest cotton knit prints you will find, followed by a layer of organic cotton fleece, and an inner layer of natural colored organic cotton velour.  The snap in doublers are made of organic cotton velour and organic bamboo fleece.


Poppy Fields 2 Piece InsertPoppy Fields Diaper Sewn Together Insert

You also get options with the doubler.   You can get the snap in doubler, or the sewn together snap in doubler.  The sewn together doubler will provide added absorbency throughout the entire length of the doubler.  The snap together doubler has two pieces that snap together and snap into the diaper for more absorbency.  The snap in doubler dries quicker and allows for more customization if you don’t need both pieces.  In both cases, the snaps are covered by the fabric of the doubler so they won’t press against babies bum.


The snaps on the diaper are attached through all 3 layers of fabric on the diaper, so the backside doesn’t press up against babies skin.  I’m curious how these diapers work with the fold down rise feature.

Poppy Fields Fitted Diaper {Fit}

I love how gentle the elastic in the Poppy Fields fitted diapers is.  Some diapers can leave red marks on your babies skin, but not this one.  You will get a great fit without any irritation for your little one.

Poppy Fields Fitted Diaper 2Poppy Fields Fitted Diaper

With 12 snaps across the front of the diaper, AND crossover snaps on the wings, you will get a great fit on even those smaller waisted babies and toddlers.  Notice how the snaps coordinate with the diaper?


The diaper is wide enough between the legs to protect from any messes escaping, yet not so wide that it is hard for your baby to walk.


Have I mentioned how much I love our Poppy Fields fitted cloth diapers?  If you don’t own one yet, you should definitely check out Poppy Fields shop to see how cute they all are.  And, it doesn’t stop there, Samantha has even more fabric options available in their b/s/t Facebook Group.


Bonus:  you can enter to win a Poppy Fields fitted diaper right now as part of the Falling Into Fitted Diapers Giveaway Hop Grand Prize!  Go ahead, get excited.


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Every Poppy Fields Fitted Diaper is lovingly designed, handcrafted, and packaged in the USA with only the finest materials. Our adorable and durable prints will stay vibrant wash after wash. Our soft absorbent layers are effective for even the heaviest wetters, for worry-free diapering.






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