Pamper your baby with Lalabee Bathworks #Earthdayhop

Pamper your baby with Lalabee Bathworks #Earthdayhop

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Before my daughter was born, the fact that there are toxins in so many products had never crossed my mind.  Or at least the thought that there was an alternative.  I was absolutely clueless, but since having children, I find myself continuously aware of things like that, and constantly trying to eliminate those products.  When I heard of Lalabee Bathworks, I knew it was a company I had to share with you.

Lalabee Bathworks is a Canadian based company specializing in skin care products for pregnancy, postpartum, nursing and baby.  Using only 100% natural and certified organic ingredients, you and your baby can pamper your skin.  To learn more about Lalabee Bathworks, visit their About page. 

We received our own package of skin care products for Charlie and Maggie, including Baby Moisturizer, Bottom Balm, and Bottom Spray.

Baby Moisturizer – We have used this stuff almost daily!  I think it’s a mix of Charlie being a big drooler, and a chewer.  He is shoving things into his mouth constantly.  Especially his arm, right above the wrist area, and it has made it incredibly chapped.  His skin is still chapped from it, but it is now much better since we started using the Baby Moisturizer.  It is fragrance free, and doesn’t leave an oily film on his skin.  I can’t stand lotions and other things that are really greasy and I worry that they will rub off on everything it touches.  With this, I don’t worry.  I can see it rub into the skin and begin moisturizing right away.  90% organic and, it’s fragrance free.  You can purchase some for $13.95

Bottom Balm – We have been lucky enough to not suffer diaper rashes too often with either kid.  Maggie only when she was teething, and with Charlie, he had a lot when he was a newborn, but since then, we haven’t had any until just recently.  I was beginning to wonder if I would have a reason to use this at all, but along with the stomach bug we had, he had a rash.  We used our Bottom Balm on it with every diaper change for those two days, and there were a lot of them.  I really liked how non-greasy this was so I didn’t feel like I was gooping it on.  It is made with 100% natural ingredients and very gentle on his skin.  While we have used it with our cloth diapers without any problems, Lalabee Bathworks recommends using a liner because the oils can build up.  With a green rating of zero toxins, the Bottom Balm is one of the least toxic diaper creams on the cosmetic database – way to go! You can purchase some for $9.95- $13.95.

Bottom Spray – I have a tendency to forget to grab wet wipes when we leave the house.  I almost always have some dry ones in there just in case, so I have really loved having the bottom spray to toss in the diaper bag for changes on the go.  Just spray on baby’s bottom and wipe off to clean and soothe.  I won’t lie, there have been times we have used it on Maggie when we are out and she goes potty too.  If we have to help her wipe, she prefers it.  It is very gentle and made with organic aloe vera, organic witch hazel and organic lavender.  You can purchase some for $10.95.

Where can I get some?  We love our Lalabee Bathworks products and hope you will get some of your own to try. From now through the end of June, take 20% off your order with coupon code MOMMYOFONE.  “Like” Lalabee Bathworks on Facebook

Win it!  From now through April 20th, one lucky reader will win a Baby Essentials Pack as part of the Earth Day Giveaway Hop.  Enter now.

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