And the parent of the year award goes to me because…..

Every so often, I find myself calling my friend Katie in Ohio to share the latest and greatest in parenting.  It may just be something like I turned around quickly and sent a kid down to the ground, them erupting in tears and some days, no matter how bad I feel about it, I can hardly contain my laughter as I pick them up and dust them off.


Parent of the Year, Tuesday's Toddler Tales

Or, maybe the time I walked into the kitchen to see Maggie bouncing grapes off the wall.  I really wanted to be mad, but was so busy holding back laughter {and the urge to join in, it made a really cool sound}.


Or this one, copy and pasted from my personal Facebook account:

Signs you aren’t winning mom of the year. Wake up 30 minutes before you need to leave for the well child visit. Realize neither car seat is in the truck or has any of the padding. Tell Maggie to get dressed and grab a snack. Get in truck and see she grabbed a bag of mini marshmallows and mini chocolate chips.


It could be that if you show up unannounced {or even when I know you are coming}, it’s extremely likely that Charlie will only be wearing a shirt.  On the flip side….he’s mostly potty trained at 18 months.


Or, there is this:


I have to share just how spacey I am lately. I was playing piano and singing lean on me. Then I quit playing the piano and walked around with Charlie singing the song. Then I stopped singing and thought to myself…..aww, bummer, the song stopped. I like that song. Ummm really Shannon, obviously I need to sleep!!!


I know I have some much better {or worse} moments, but this is all I can think about right now.




Tuesday's Toddler Tales

Each week we are linking up for Tuesday’s Toddler Tales.  This week we are talking about how we have won the notorious Parent of the Year award for either good or bad reasons.  Next weeks topic is picky eater ideas where we share our tips or food ideas.


So, what have you done to deserve the parent of the year award?

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