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A while back, I was approached by the Baddish Group to do a review for PerrierSparkling Mineral Water.  I was thrilled at the opportunity.  Water is important for everybody to drink, but especially important for pregnant and nursing moms.  Becoming dehydrated can cause complications for both mom and baby.  By drinking enough water, moms to be can ease side effects of pregnancy such as urinary infections, indigestion and heartburn.  Nursing moms need extra water to ensure they can produce enough breast milk.  Water aids in kidney and liver function for both mom and baby.  It flushes away waste that would otherwise be stored in the body.  

 Insufficient fluid intake during pregnancy can be detrimental to an expectant mother and the fetus because dehydration can lead to preterm labor or miscarriage.
Moms to be can ease other side effects of pregnancy such as urinary infections, indigestion, and heartburn by drinking more water.
For women who are nursing, drinking satisfactory amounts of water is important for producing adequate breast milk.  Water aids in kidney and liver function for both mom and baby. It works to flush away waste from the cells, waste that would otherwise be stored in the body, primarily the kidney.
According to registered dietician, Tina Ruggiero, M.S., R.D., L.D., it is suggested that pregnant women drink 3 liters of water every day, and more if a mother is breastfeeding. Though it may seem easy enough to drink water, getting this amount of fluids can be difficult.
Water, often considered flat and flavorless, can become boring after a while. Sparkling water offers a healthy alternative to plain water, when so many other fluids (i.e., caffeinated coffee, tea, wine, etc.) are off-limits during this critical time in a woman’s life.
Our client, Perrier all natural sparkling mineral water bridges the gap between flavorless water and quenchers that are often times a hazard to women’s health.  Along with the original, Perrier offers three naturally flavored waters: Grapefruit, Lemon, and Lime. Original, naturally flavored, and delicious many pregnant women find drinking effervescent water like Perrier is not only easier but also more satisfying.
Simply stated, a hydrated body makes for a safer, healthier, and more comfortable pregnancy.
Now, I LOVE water! I know many people don’t feel this way.  They find water flat and flavorless and ultimately boring!  Sparkling water offers a healthy alternative to plain water and eliminates the want to drink other beverages that aren’t okay to drink.   I drink at least 40 ounces a day, but do my best to drink even more than that because I am pregnant and I am nursing.  The hardest part of the day for me, is lunchtime.  I really want to drink a Mountain Dew with my lunch.  Not a good habit – for baby or for me.  I decided this was a great time to try the Perrier.  Maybe having just a big of flavor would take away my craving for a pop. If I would have remembered, this would have worked.  Instead, what I did was ….at the end of the day, I would pour some Perrier into a wine glass and pretend I was having a relaxing glass of wine at the end of my day.  This worked wonders for me at the end of the day.  I really missed my wine during this pregnancy!  

Another thing that worked out for us having the Perrier was that John drinks a ton of pop!  He is always trying to cut down on it, but hates water.  He definitely thinks it’s boring, so he drinks anything but water.  He spent many days working on our yard in the days before our baby was born last week, and it was over 100 degrees most of those days.  He needed to stay hydrated, and so he started drinking the Perrier.  It worked for him.  He drank water, stayed hydrated and didn’t drink pop nonstop.  

I recommend some Perrier to anybody, especially pregnant and nursing mamas.  It has a nice refreshing flavor on those days where you need a little something more than just water. 

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