Pocket Diapers: Unstuffed – Cloth Diapering 101

Pocket Diapers: Unstuffed – Cloth Diapering 101

I did a lot of research before making my first cloth diaper order.  It seemed to me that pocket diapers were the way to go and so that is where I started.  Most of my diapers are pocket diapers now.  So what, you may ask, is a pocket diaper?

A pocket diaper is made with two layers of fabric, a waterproof outer and an inner moisture wicking fabric are sewn together, creating a pocket.  You then stuff this pocket with an insert.

Pros to using pocket cloth diapers-

  • Easy to use
  • Quick drying time
  • Ability to increase the absorbency by adding more inserts
  • They come in many fun prints and colors

Cons to using pocket cloth diapers –

  • More work on laundry day because you have to stuff each one
  • Cannot be reused without washing

There are 4 different types of pocket diapers
Rear opening – this is the most common type.  The opening is generally larger than front opening diapers.  
Front opening – the biggest benefit to these is that you don’t have to touch the poop to get the insert out
Dual or sleeve opening – you can stuff and unstuff from either front or back.  Many of this style diaper will also agitate itself out in the wash
AI2 or pocket option – these diapers can be worn stuffed like a pocket diaper, or you can lay the insert into the top 

Once you decide on which style opening you want, you then can choose whether you want sized or one sized diapers.  Sized diapers often get a more exact fit, and one sized diapers will fit from birth through potty training.  

The last decision you have to make at this point, is whether you want snaps or aplix (velcro).  

Some of the most popular brands are Fuzzibunz, BumGenius, Happy Heiny’s, BabyKicks, Knickernappies, and Rumparooz.  There are also tons of WAHM made pocket diapers.  


Cloth Diaper Blog Hop 2013 If you are using cloth diapers, are pocket diapers your favorite? Which ones?


  • I started with fitteds and covers, but quickly moved on to pockets. I don’t mind stuffing that much, and they dry faster than any other diapers. I will admit I use Sunbabies a fair bit – they are so economical and fit both my babies well. AppleCheeks and Rumparooz are faves too.

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