Pregnant and breastfeeding

My daughter and I had a fantastic breastfeeding relationship right from the start and for that I am very grateful.  She is now 16 months old and still loves to nurse!  I am 21 weeks pregnant now and still nursing.  There are some days I wonder what I’m thinking because it gets uncomfortable for me some times, but I love the fact that she still enjoys nursing and that we get great cuddle time because of it.  I am not concerned with whether or not she quits before the baby is born.  If we end up tandem nursing, I will give it my best effort, if she decides to wean herself, I’m okay with that also.

Pregnant and breastfeeding, our piece of earthHowever, I am having such a hard time lately with people and their opinions of how I need to stop for whatever reason.  Some say because I have to stop, you can’t have two nursing babies at once…hello, mothers of multiples do this!  Some say it will create jealousy or that it is dangerous to my unborn baby.  I know that there are times that this can cause preterm labor; so can sex, and many other things.  I am not a high risk pregnancy, there is absolutely no reason for me to be concerned.  Why can’t people just understand that this is a decision for my family to make about what is best and right for us.  My doctor even has the opinion that I need to stop breastfeeding because I’m pregnant.  I haven’t asked her yet why she feels that way, but I am curious to hear her reasons.

I am so grateful for the La Leche League meetings and the support I get from other moms there.  I feel even better that there is a mom there who is due any day now and still nursing her 18 month old child.  She is planning to tandem nurse and I’m hoping to learn from her in the next few months.

I know there are many moms out there who have been in this situation. I would love to hear from you!


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