Proud Mommy Moment #5684351549875163898798……

Proud Mommy Moment #5684351549875163898798……

We consciously strive to teach our kids about Jesus on a daily basis.  I remember feeling so much pride in Maggie when she started folding her hands and praying without being told to.  Well, tonight at dinner, just like every night, we sat down and folded our hands to start praying.  I always reach over and fold Charlie’s hands because it is very important to Maggie that his hands are folded.  So I told Maggie, it was time to pray, fold your hands, and then….looked over and Charlie had stopped shoving food in his mouth to fold his hands.  I was so proud of him!  I thought I had seen him doing this a few different times, but it was so quick that I wasn’t sure, but tonight, I was sure.  Such a big boy!

This post reminded me of a question I have been meaning to ask you all.  Do you pray with your children?  Do you pray with them in public or only at home?  We pray even when we are out to eat most of the time. 

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