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Do you hate spending tons of money on bras?  I do!  But I love having bras that fit, especially through pregnancy and while I am breastfeeding.  Well, I was given the opportunity to review a bra from

La Leche League International is an organization to offer advice and support to breastfeeding moms to help encourage a successful breastfeeding relationship.  

The Wrap ‘N Snap

The Wrap ‘N Snap has a unique feature:  an adjustable snap band that can change as your body changes.  You can adjust the snaps in the front to fit different sizes. The small / medium bra fits 32-34-36 A / B cups.  The large / X large fits 36-38-40 C / D cups.

It is made from 95 % cotton and 5% spandex. Featuring a soft cup and wireless front closing with satin trim, this bra is soft enough to wear all day and sleep in as well.  With an easy one hand nursing clip, feeding baby couldn’t be easier.  Designed to be functional AND fashionable, you will want to wear this bra even after you are done nursing. 

The Wrap ‘N Snap was awarded the National Parenting Publications Award and has been featured in Consumer Reports in May 2009 Best Baby Products.  La Leche League International Intimates by QT Intimates is a leading brand of nursing and maternity intimate apparel.  As a licensee of the LLLI organization, a portion of all proceeds go to support breastfeeding mothers and babies around the world.  I think that is fantastic!  Since my daughter was born, I have been attending La Leche League meetings because I wouldn’t have made it without the support of the leaders and moms there.  Now, even though I am not having struggles that need help, I still go to help support those moms that do need that!    

When I received the Wrap ‘N Snap to review, I was seriously thrilled!  I was at a point in my pregnancy where I no longer had a bra that fit.  My daughter was still nursing, but I wasn’t making much milk.  I was at a size where my pre-pregnancy bras didn’t fit, but none of my nursing bras fit either.  

I really like the fit of the Wrap  ‘N Snap.  It is lightweight also, which is a major plus for me because here in Minnesota (as well as the rest of the US) it has been very hot for weeks now.  I also liked how easy it was to adjust when putting it on.  Having a front closing bra was especially nice during pregnancy…seriously, anything that is in front of me was a major plus!  Knowing I had a bra that would fit right away after having baby was great!  With my first, I tried to guess…I was wrong and had no bra that fit to wear home from the hospital.  This time, that wasn’t a problem.  I was able to wear this bra right away.  
The bra also has a sleek, smooth look underneath my shirt which was a bonus.  

Trying to breastfeed a hungry newborn isn’t always easy.  They flail around while you try to unclasp your bra and adjust your shirt.  With this bra, the snap was very easy to unhook and quickly satisfy my hungry little guy.  Hooking the bra after feeding was also easy to do with one hand.  

I love the print.  It’s nice to have bras that are pretty.  After my daughter, I only had white bras and never felt pretty.  The pattern I received was the Floral Animal Print.  The Wrap ‘N Snap also comes in white, chocolate, black / gray jacquard,  and cameo nude.  

The price:  Only $21.00 right now!  Very affordable!

I do wish there was a little padding for the cups in this bra but there are bras they offer that have this feature.  

The only real con I found with this bra was that it was difficult to wear with most of my tank tops because the back on the bra was a little high.  It would show above the tops of my tank top on my back.  Sometimes during my pregnancy, I layered a few tank tops and then it looked like another tank top underneath.  It does work great under every other type of shirt that I wore.

LLLI offers more great products

I want this!

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 Be sure to check out their fantastic lines of products and enter code FS2012 for free shipping over $25.  From their website:  Being a mom changes your life, but not your sense of style!  Find that fabulous bra you have been looking for.  

Not nursing?  Check out their selection of non – nursing apparel at QT Intimates

Do you want a chance to win one of these bras?  Head on over to their new facebook page and leave them a message that you are there from Mommy of One and Counting.  They will choose a winner from those comments and winner can choose of in stock color / pattern of the Wrap ‘N Snap.


  • That looks so comfortable and that pattern is fantastic! However, I’d really like to see a bra like this that supported bigger sizes. I could never find a nursing bra that offered any support because I wear such a large cup. When I was nursing my daughter I wore a J!! And now I wear a G. Big difference there but still no easier to find bras 🙂

    • You would think that nursing bras especially have bras designed for people in your situation (can’t quite think of a better way to phrase that).

  • I cannot believe how inexpensive their bras are, especially the nursing bras! With my first baby I spent $30+ on a cheap cotton nursing bra that was very unsupportive. I felt so “mom” in my ugly bras, but the QT bras look so womanly.

    I love it that QT also has convertable bras for woman with larger cup sizes. I have quite a few tops that I cannot wear because they require thinner straps and different placement of the straps…and of course, I am too top heavy to wear a strapless!

  • I’ve never seen a bra as adjustable as that. I agree with you about preferring a little padding. I don’t like when you can see the nursing pads. I use cloth ones and they are even more noticeable in an unpadded bra.

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