Quality drinking water without the bottle

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A few nights ago, my doorbell rang.  Holding my sick little man, I opened the door wondering who on earth was here at 7 at night.  There stands this smiling guy who clearly thinks I know why he is standing there on my front step.  Then it hits me….water quality test.  I remembered suddenly that we had an appointment and he was suppose to be there.  Aye!

Filtered drinking water

We have well water, and I really don’t know the quality of it.  I know that sometimes, it is stinky, but most of the time, it’s just fine.  At least, I assume so.  I don’t drink tap water except at our cabin, so I really have no idea if it is good water.  We cook with it, we fill the kids’ water cups with it, I assume it’s good for them.  But I wanted to know for sure, so we scheduled the test.


We have a water cooler that we get most of our drinking water from.  Recently, we have ran out of jugs for the water cooler more times than I can count.  We have had to make runs to the store just for another one, which means a 25 minute drive each way {wasting gas, time, energy} just so we have some jugs of water to drink.


Having a water filtration system would eliminate those trips to the store for water.  We were undecided if we really wanted to bother with one, but then, he did that fancy water test.  The one that showed that we had 198ppm in our water…yuck!  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s all of the gunk that is in our water that, well, isn’t water.  The good news is that there aren’t nitrates or nitrites in it, but it still looks nasty.  After seeing it next to the water from the portable water filtrations system that was our water only clean; I realized I wouldn’t be filling the kids’ cups from there again.  To say the least, I was grossed out!  What goes into my families body is important, and 198 ppm isn’t quite what I had in mind.  We may just be installing this because I’m not sure I want to use the tap water for cooking.


Did I also mention that we have very hard water?  As in off the charts?  Yep.  Know what that means?  Water spots, no soap suds, a dirty film on everything.  The system the guys said would work best for us would take care of all of these problems.  That means saving money on soaps, cleaners, lotions.  Plus, no more paying for jugs of water for the water cooler.  We always have clean drinking water without the waste of the jugs.


If you are in the Coppell, Texas area and are ready to get the quality drinking water that you deserve, give Reeves Family Plumbing Inc a call.  What goes into your body counts.  Be sure it’s good for you.  Right now, new customers can get $50 off.


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