Rearz Couture Cover Review

Rearz Couture Cover Review

Rearz generously sent me this Couture Cover to review and I can’t tell you how happy I was!  We mostly use pockets, so a chance to try something different was exciting!  I was sent a brilliant blue color in a medium that we love!  My daughter loved this cover, in fact, she kept putting it on her baby dolls and didn’t want me to take it off to put on her!

Rearz cloth diapers are:

  •  Made in Canada
  • TPU – high heat tolerance fabric made in the USA
  • Ease to use Velcro fasteners
  • Double leg gussets
  • Inner pockets for inserts or prefold users
  • Breathable
  • Fold back laundry tabs
  • Soft leg elastics
Inner pockets

Large velcro area in front of diaper for many sizing options

Double leg gussets

                         Fold over laundry tabs 

Brand new in package

We never had a leak with this diaper.  This diaper has a very generous fit.  The medium fits 14-22 lbs.  Maggie is currently 20 lbs with a pretty average build.  The diaper cover was quite large on her.  Even as tight as it would go, there was still a slight gap in the legs and the waist would slide loose on the sides.  Even with these things happening, we never had a leak.  We used fitteds and prefolds in the diaper cover and both worked equally as well.   

We used this diaper for naptimes and at night, and had no leaks either time.  

Almost as tight as it goes.  I needed to get it tighter but she said no way.

Let gussets

I contacted  Rearz  to ask them about the sizing because the website said 15-27 pounds, while the package said 14-22 pounds.  They said that this cover will fit ALL babies 14-22 pounds, and most babies up to 27 pounds.  

I didn’t get a good picture of the gap around her thighs, or of the way the sides of the front would slip down just a little bit on her, but this was just because the diaper was still pretty big on her.  

You can see this cover sits up plenty high in the back to keep even the messiest of messes inside.  The velcro is very strong.  It takes a little effort to pull apart, but with a toddler, that’s not a bad thing.  I know she won’t be able to pull the cover off of her which makes me happy because she has begun trying to take her diapers off when she is wet or dirty.

Overall, I would definitely buy another one of these covers.  I love the colors and they will definitely fit for a long time.  It was easy to use and even dad could use it.  

Does this look like the product for you?  Buy it at Rearz.  


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