San Diego Bebe Nursing Pillow *Review and Giveaway*

San Diego Bebe Nursing Pillow *Review and Giveaway*

When I had Maggie, I never used a nursing pillow.  Big mistake!  Both of my arms were numb, my neck and shoulders hurt, and this never stopped!  With Charlie, I wasn’t going to go through that again.  
I was sent the San Diego Bebe Eco-Nursing pillow in yellow to review.  I will admit, I wasn’t sure what I thought when I saw it.  It seemed a bit big and bulky, but hey, I was ready to give it a shot!  And I wanted to try it out at the cabin, where we play cards….lots and lots of cards and it would be much easier with my hands free.  Check out my stylish look as I modeled it for everybody to see.  And yes, they laughed at me, but followed up the laughter with comments about how handy it was (and how they never had one of these when their babies were younger).  I bet you are wondering what makes this nursing pillow different from any other nursing pillow out there, right? 
Well, {1}  It is designed GREEN!  Yep, this pillow is yellow, but it is green, haha!  It’s made of 100% virgin polyfiber.  It is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, non-flammable and recyclable.  It’s also odor free, glue free, foam free, lead free ad Phthalate free.  Yep, good for the environment and good for baby {and baby’s future}.   We are trying to go more green in our daily activities, so an eco-friendly nursing pillow is a perfect fit for us! 
{2}  The signature privacy cover.  Yes, this part looks kind of crazy, but it is awesome!  It’s made from a lightweight mesh for continuous airflow.  Plus, it stores inside it’s own pocket when you aren’t using it and it is easily detachable for quick machine wash and dry.  You heard it here folks, quick, easy AND you can machine wash and dry it!  It truly is lightweight.  I love that when you wear it, you can still see baby’s head on the sides a bit, but it provides enough privacy to keep the modest mom feeling comfortable.  I am a very warm person, and I was happy that using the privacy cover didn’t make me feel overheated.  I was able to stay comfortable and cool. 
{3}  Signature comfort bolster.  Complete perimeter bolster provides extra support and comfort all while surrounding baby and creating extra piece of mind.  A handy feature for the extra wiggly baby that wants to roll away.
{4}  Superior surface design.  Patented angled surface positions baby’s head and body toward mamas breast to help with proper positioning, latch, suckle and swallowing.  And, extra comfort!  
{5}  Detachable Back Pillow.  Is this really the worlds greatest nursing pillow you ask, well, yes, quite possibly.  My back always gets sore, and this pillow provided that extra support I need when nursing Charlie.  The pillow velcroes onto the pillow when not in use.  
{6}  Comfortable and will fit up to 52″ waist.  An adjustable waist strap with Quiet Squeeze buckle to keep the nursing pillow in place.  Notice how I can stand up and keep the pillow in place?  It also ensures that baby can’t wiggle and move the pillow away from mama.  
{7}  Luxe fabrics and chic colors.  The covers are so soft and made from high quality fabric.  They are also machine washable and can be washed and dried.  They are wrinkle free and lead free.  Did I mention they are soft?
{8}  Convenient dual pockets.  Elasticized bottle holsters on one side of the pillow and a second pocket for a remote or cell phone on the other side.  This feature is especially nice for me.  I always have my water, cell phone, camera and chapstick within reach, and with this breastfeeding pillow, I could keep it all close.   I didn’t expect the holster to be large enough for my water bottle, but it fit.  It was a tight fit, but it fit.

What are my overall thoughts and opinions on the San Diego Bebe Nursing Pillow? 
I am seriously the least modest person I know.  Okay, maybe not to that extent, but I don’t worry too much about nursing around others.  If you don’t like what you see, don’t look!  One of my friends prefers to cover up when she nurses her daughter, and when this arrived, I couldn’t wait for her to try it out because I knew she would love it.  And I was right.  She did.  If she has another baby, she said she will be purchasing one of these! 

This pillow isn’t just for those of us with one baby nursing, The San Diego Bebe Twin is great for nursing twins together! 

Get your own San Diego Bebe nursing pillow, or give it as a gift! 
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