Save Money this Christmas with Amazon Prime

Disclosure:  Affiliate links may be included but in all honesty – I’m a diehard Amazon fan so these are just some more great reasons. 


If you can’t get it on Amazon, do you really want it?  Okay, just kidding!  But in all seriousness, Amazon Prime has SO MANY perks that make my life easier.  I really like being able to make your life better too so I’m sharing some ways to save money this Christmas with Amazon Prime.  Already sold on how awesome Amazon Prime is?  Click the image below to get started.

Prime shipping need I say more?  If you only ever use your Amazon account for one thing, let this be it.  I am one of those people who will actively spend more money to reach a free shipping amount.  I hate paying for shipping.  I also hate waiting for my purchases.  That’s why prime shipping is awesome.  You pay a fee once a year and then you get free, 2-day shipping for the next year.  That means your Black Friday deals and Christmas gifts get there faster.  Start shopping with these top gift ideas.

Prime video.  I didn’t use to use Prime Video but now, I use it often.  I teach a class at coop and almost always use one of the FREE included videos as part of our coop class.  Okay, so maybe that isn’t the reason I use it often, but I love watching old seasons of Survivor when I’m staining boards for my craft business.  Plus, there are tons of videos for the kids to watch and it is way safer than YouTube for the kids.

Subscribe & Save.  You know how there are some products that you buy regularly; toilet paper, laundry detergent, granola bars, etc..?  Well, with subscribe & save, you can get them when you need them and save some money doing it.  Quit shopping for the things you need when you can have them delivered right to your door while you shop for the things you want.

Coupons.  Are you thinking that I’ve lost my marbles?  Well, maybe I have but just for the fun of it – under today’s deals, click on coupons and see all the ways that you can save on things you need.


Black Friday deals.  They have started already and I know I’ve already saved a bunch with some amazing deals.  Black Friday week has already started so what are you waiting for – start saving!

Christmas Movies.  Watch your favorite Christmas movies when you want to see them.  Which movie will you watch first?  Jack Frost and Polar Express and The Dog Who Saved Christmas are favorites around here year after year.


Christmas Music.  I have a confession – we listen to Christmas music all year long.  I know, you can buy songs on your smartphone, but why pay for each individual song?    Plus, every day that you listen, you earn a chance to win one of 30 Amazon Echoes.  Click the picture below to start your 30-day free trial.


Cell Phones are always a great Christmas gift.  Check out the deals and get your new phone now when you click the image below.


What are your favorite ways to save with Amazon Prime this Christmas?

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