Sherpa Thirsty Insert *Review*

Sherpa Thirsty Insert *Review*

I received the Sherpa Thirsty Insert to review from  

Rearz is a Canadian company that began in 2005. They are committed to inventing and bringing innovative, affordable, sustainably manufactured cloth diapers and accessories to the market.  The manufacturers are required to offer oeko-tex, organic certified or independently lab tested materials.  Any dyes used are low impact, non resource draining, eco-reactive dyes.  They offer products for social change.  Their cloth diaper line has a full range of sizes including adult diapers. 

About the Insert
 The Sherpa Insert is sold in a 2 pack.  They are the ultimate in softness and absorbency, and I mean ultimate!  I love the feel of this insert.  It is very soft and stretchy.  The Sherpa can also hold up to 2 cups of fluid.  The Sherpa can be folded in half or in thirds to use as an insert, soaker or booster.  It can also be used with a fastener just like a prefold.  The Sherpa measure 12″ x 14″ and fits 8-25 pounds when used with a fastener.  The insert is made of 2 thick layers of fabric. 

Because the Sherpa is so thickly woven, they take a lot of prep before they reach their full absorbency.   The website says 7-8 washes, but I washed it even more before we used it.  You can also prewash in hot water with vinegar or boil for 12 minutes with a drop of dish soap. 

 My Experience with the Sherpa Insert
I went with the 7-8 washes to prep the insert.  I was quite impressed with the softness and stretchiness of this insert.  We started out using it in a cover just folded in thirds.  This was how we used it the most.  I was happy with the fact that this did absorb a ton of fluid and didn’t become super stinky.  We also started using it as an insert inside our Rumparooz diapers at night.  Folded in thirds, this insert is still trim enough to stuff into a pocket diaper without any trouble.  
I did attempt to use the insert with a Snappi fastener.  It wasn’t working for us because I couldn’t get the Snappi to grab onto the fabric.  The Sherpa Insert was definitely big enough to fit around my 19 month old daughter and would easily be fastened; just not by me…I am not good with the Snappi!  I have never used the Boingo, but Rearz sells the Boingo, so I’m wondering if that fastener would work better on this fabric.  The Sherpa stretches enough that getting a great fit this way would be easy to do.  
I definitely prefer this insert over our other prefolds.  The fabric is much softer and stretchier, and also holds a lot more fluid than a regular prefold will.  I will be getting some more of these inserts in the future. 
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