Shopping with Toddlers {Tuesday’s Toddler Tales linkup}

Shopping with Toddlers {Tuesday’s Toddler Tales linkup}

It’s probably a safe assumption that shopping with toddlers isn’t anybody’s favorite things to do.  I’ve been pretty lucky though, at least I think so.  Since I almost always have both Maggie and Charlie with me, I’m going to assume I’m a pro at shopping with toddlers.  I could be wrong, that’s the great thing about kids, they love to prove you wrong!  But over the last 3+ years, I’ve learned a few things that have helped make my shopping trips a little easier, and a lot more fun for all of us.


Shopping with Toddlers
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First of all, bring your patience.  All of it.  It will benefit you all.


To tie in with that, give yourself plenty of time.  I try not to be on a timetable when we have to go grocery shopping.  The kids like to walk, so I tend to let them.  I give them things to pick out and carry or put in the cart.  It keeps them busy.  Plus, it is a great time for us to talk about what foods are good, healthy choices for us.  I know, on days where I do have to hurry, it doesn’t end well.  I usually get frustrated, and so do the kids.


Don’t forget your list!  And when you make that list, try and do it in the order of the way you find things at that store.  That helps to not forget things, requiring you to make a trip back across the store.


Get the fun cart!  This never lasts long with my kids, but I see a lot of kids that love them.


Bring a snack.  Or, if you shop at Walmart for your groceries {and probably plenty of other stores}, hit up the bakery and they will give your kids a free cookie!  It keeps them busy, and sitting still in the cart for a few minutes.


Shopping with Toddlers
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Let them help.  I know, I touched on this a bit, but when we are in the produce section, the kids get to help pick out the fruits and vegetables.  It’s probably their favorite part, and the hardest to keep them from eating before we are done.


Know their limits.  And yours.  You know how long you have before they start having meltdowns, or stop listening.  Grocery shopping is exhausting {or maybe that’s just me?}.  Get in, get out, get on with your life.


Have a baby carrier of some sort.  Charlie would rather walk, but there are days where, no matter how hard he tries, he just can’t be a listener.  He runs off, or grabs onto everything in the store.  When that happens, my patience dwindles.  He ends up in the carrier and will sometimes fall asleep.


Plan around nap time and lunch time.  This should probably be at the top of the list because it is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT THING when shopping with toddlers.

shopping with toddlers
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Make a scavenger hunt.  Give them things to search for.  Make it fun for them, and it keeps them busy.


Remember you are still a mom.  There have been plenty of times I have sang with the kids as we walked down the aisles.  Recently, I danced down the cereal aisle with Maggie because we were princesses at a grand ball.  This stuff really happens people!  Haha.  We get a few crazy looks, but mostly, people think it’s adorable.  And if they don’t.  Oh well, they could always find a higher end grocery store.  Or, avoid us.  We don’t mind.


What do you do to get you through grocery shopping with toddlers?

Tuesday's Toddler Tales

Each week, we are linking up for Tuesday’s Toddler Tales.  This week we are talking about shopping with toddlers.  Next week’s topic is all about our St. Patrick’s Day plans, treats, or other ideas.

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  • Honestly, if my kids are secure in the cart and have a snack, shopping is easy for me! Now… if for some reason my 3 year old isn’t in the cart… mass chaos! 🙂

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