Smartipants *Review*

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 I have been given the chance to be one of the bloggers for Smartipants and I am so glad!  It gave me the opportunity to try out their diapers right away.  I will be honest with you, with all of their great color choices, I had a tough time making a decision!  
I decided to go with a more neutral color since we don’t know the gender of this baby and our daughter will very soon be out of diapers, so I chose Aqua Breeze.  Best color ever!!!!   

About Smartipants
Smartipants was the brainchild of Jessica, a mommy to four little lovebugs.  Jessica invented the first ever one size pocket diaper called Wonderoos.  She has since left Wonderoos and joined the Smartipants team.  The mission of the Smartipants team is to provide smart parents with smart solutions.  The Smartipants team now has 7 years of experience making diapers and continues to changing the world one smart parent at a time.  All of their products are MADE IN THE USA.  
About the diaper
The Smartipants One Size Diaper features
Leak Guard Technology
-Patented Smart Sleeve
-Soft Waterproof Outer Fabric
-Gentle Stretch Elastic
-Adjustable Snaps
-Ultra Premium Protection 
The diaper comes with the diaper itself and one insert.  With the patented sleeve design, the insert comes right out in the wash, no need to unstuff the sleeve first.  
My Experience
I fell in love with this diaper as soon as I opened the package.  The color is gorgeous!  I also loved only the one layer of snaps.  We seem to still get a great fit every time and daddy loves diapers like this.  This is definitely one of the diapers daddy grabs when he changes her.  I have recently fallen in love with sleeve style diapers.  I only have a few of them but I love them!  The insert is pretty easy to stuff into the sleeve of the diaper.  

There are only two rise snap settings on the diaper, which makes me wonder if it will really fit from 7-35 pounds.  We are still using the smallest setting on the diaper with Maggie (she is just about 21 pounds and a fairly skinny build).  I love that the sleeve part of the diaper actually stays pretty dry which makes this a great diaper for Maggie to wear at night or when we will be in the car for awhile.  

This became one of my favorite diapers the very first time I put it on her, and I love it more every time!  We get such a nice, snug, trim fit with this diaper.  The outer fabric is lightweight and soft.  I would definitely recommend this diaper to everybody! 
What I would change
I wouldn’t mind if the sleeve opening in the front had a little more elastic stretch to it, but it’s plenty big and easy to stuff.   
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