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Dirty diapers can be a stinky subject.  Finding a way to store them until wash day can be a real trick.  We have two dogs and a very active toddler, so I am not a big fan of a diaper pail.  For awhile, I use to throw them in the washing machine until wash day.  Then I discovered hanging wet bags.  
Diaper Palz
I received one of these large hanging wetbags from Casey to review.  I have another hanging wetbag and had was running into the problem of what to do when that was in the wash.  Where to store my diapers then.  I was thrilled to have a chance to review one of these bags!  Now I have one for when the other one is in the wash.  
 Diaper Palz has been making wet bags and diaper pail liners for over 5 years.  Diaper Palz wet bags are created with specialty PUL to withstand diaper service laundering in water up to 200 degree!  This PUL is produced in the USA specifically for Diaper Palz and is mildew and mold resistent.  The large wet bags are 25 inches tall with a circumference of 40 inches.  Made with a lead free zipper, this bag contains all of the stinky diaper smells!  It has a snapable loop handle to help fit it wherever you decide to hang it.  Diaper Palz wet bags are Pthalate, PVC and Lead FREE!  

***Very cool fact:  As mothers of small children, these ladies work hard to divide their time between kissing boo-boos and their business responsibilities.  To show their appreciation to their children for sharing them and allowing them the chance to indulge in their creative and entrepenurial desires, they have decide that ALL proceeds will go into their children’s education funds.***  How cool is that!  Your business will help send their little ones to school!

 My experience with Diaper Palz hanging wet bag
We use this bag a lot!  We have NEVER had a problem with the diapers in our Diaper Palz bag smelling.  The smell is completely contained within the bag.  I love that my laundry room no longer smells like diapers!  The bag holds a ton of diapers!  I know I had well over 25 diapers in there at one point and it still worked great!  This is a very roomy hanging wet bag.  The only problem that I did run into with this wet bag was on two separate occasions.  I always rinse my inserts out first, and we wash our stinky diapers in the washtub because we don’t have a diaper sprayer hooked up.  The poopy diapers usually get a REALLY good rinsing out in the washtub and then thrown into the wetbag.  I think, on these two occasions, that the diapers were soaking wet still when I threw them into the bag.  Plus, both times, the poopy diapers were at the very bottom of the wet bag.  These two times, the bag leaked from the bottom corner.  While I did have leaks two times, I now know I just can’t throw the diaper in there if it is still dripping wet.  Diaper Palz does not recommend putting diapers that are soaking wet into the bag because they are sewn resulting in little holes that help with air flow.

The price on these large wet bags is awesome!  $15.00 !  That is at least $10 cheaper than any others I have seen (and those were on clearance).  Not only do these large wet bags come in bright solid colors, but they also come in adorable prints! 

Diaper Palz also sells travel wetbags and pail liners.  

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