Sponsor Spotlight: Snappi *Review*

Hey it’s me again!  Bring you another fabulous sponsor for the Mother’s Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway Prize Pack!!!  Snappi

Snappi was kind enough to send me a Snappi fastener in Size 1 to try out and review and another Snappi fastener to giveaway to one lucky reader.  I will have the review posted soon, I promise!  But for now, here’s some info about this fabulous sponsor.
About Snappi
 Founded in 2001 by Kate Braithwaite with her husband Hilton, and long time business partners, Malcolm and Peggy Hilcove in Scottsdale, AZ.  Snappi has been distributing their products in the US and Canada for 10 years, and have recently added distribution in Mexico, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Paname, Phillipines, Carribean and Thailand.  They are currently in the process of distributing to India as well. 

At first, selling the Snappi Fastener in a disposable diaper dominated market was a daunting challenge, but over time, it took off!  They went from having to practically give away the Snappi Fasteners to having new stores calling every day to order some for their customers.  

Snappi’s come in two different sizes, Size 1 for babies, and Size 2 for toddlers.  These wonderful fasteners are an ouchless alternative to old school safety pins.  Snappi’s come in a variety of colors and are non toxic.  The T shaped teeth on the ends of the fastener grab the fabric and hold it together while baby goes about his or her business.  

The Snappi comes with an added safety feature just in case your little one gets a hold of it. 
This is a must have for moms using prefolds, flats or contour diapers on their little one.  This is the Cloth diaper accessory that “pulls it all together.”

We loved our Snappi, although I did find that on the material on one of our prefolds, it wouldn’t grab onto it.  That material was a very stretchy fuzzier material and I’m sure that is why.  I was very intimidated to use the Snappi because up until now, I had pretty much only used Pockets, AIO’s and AI2’s.  It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I had expected it to be and we were able to use it and keep our diapers in place.  For those of you that are unsure, I recommend giving it a try.  It really is easy to use and only takes a time or two to catch on.  

I tried so very hard to take a picture of her with the Snappi on, but Maggie is very stubborn and no matter how hard I tried, I wasn’t able to get one of her.  Short of forcibly holding her down, kicking and screaming, I couldn’t get a picture as of yet.  I will keep trying!

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Winner will receive the purple Snappi in Size 1 


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