Sponsor Spotlight: Sweet Pea Maternity: Trendy, Affordable and Adorable Maternity Clothes

Sponsor Spotlight: Sweet Pea Maternity: Trendy, Affordable and Adorable Maternity Clothes

As a pregnant mama, I love to have stylish maternity clothes to wear.  I have looked and looked, and it is no easy task to find affordable maternity clothes.  These things can be quite expensive.  That was before I discovered this amazing store…
You may have heard of SweetPea Maternity from before when they were Kiki’s Fashions.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review one of their fashionable maternity shirts.  The tough part for me was deciding which shirt!  I get warm all the time, even when I’m not pregnant, so I opted for a tank top.  Here is what I chose:

 I love the beaded part of this shirt.  It adds a little something different.  Unlike a lot of my maternity clothes, I know that I am not going to run into somebody wearing the same thing.  My absolute favorite part of this shirt is the bottom.  It sort of hugs your belly and you don’t have to worry that it will shift and your belly will be hanging out the bottom of the shirt.  Even after wearing the shirt many times and washing it, all of the beads and sequins have stayed put.  

I was very lucky, most of my maternity wardrobe has been given to me.  I spent a little the first time around, and I spent a little this time around, but mostly it is all hand me downs.  For that I am very grateful, because I really would have spent a small fortune on trendy maternity clothes.  Instead I made do with what I had, even though I wanted even more cuteness.  

Sweet Pea Maternity not only has a rapidly changing selection of maternity clothes, but they offer cheap maternity clothes, in fact, they carry a huge selection for under $20.  I know their selection changes quite often and they are constantly adding new things because when I was trying to decide, it took me forever.  When I finally made up my mind, they would be out of that item and have tons of new things.  My advice to you…..if you love it, get it right away.  These clothes are too stylish to miss!  I only wish I had splurged and bought myself some more clothes.  Rest assured though, when it’s time for baby #3, 4 and 5, I will be adding to my wardrobe from SweetPea Maternity.

Thank you again SweetPea Maternity for this opportunity!  

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Right now you can save 20 % off of their entire maternity collection!  Plus, free U.S. shipping on orders over $50.00
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