Such a proud momma !

I just have to post this short little something.  My daughter made me so proud of her today.  Don’t get me wrong, I am usually proud, but this one had me beaming.  We try really hard to teach our daughter about God and live good lives.  We (almost) always remember to pray when we sit down to eat.  Usually, she’s already digging in, but that’s okay.  Sometimes we stop and fold her hands with her, but usually, she just stares.  Now, I used to teach in a Christian child care setting and we sang some fun prayers.  I randomly sing these with her, and there are some other prayers we do to, and then sometimes we just say thanks. 

This morning, I got her some cereal, set her down to eat, went to feed the dogs, then got myself some cereal.  I sat down at the table, folded my hands and started singing our prayer.  Maggie stopped eating and folded her hands like such a big girl while I finished the prayer.  She is getting to be such a big girl, and I absolutely love moments like these when she realizes what is going on.  Yay for Maggie!


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