Summer #BlogChallenge August 21 Favorite Rainy Day Activity

If it were up to me, every rainy day would involve me, a blanket and a good book.  I could read all day. If I wasn’t reading though, I think a Big Brother marathon would be good.  Maybe an older episode that I haven’t seen.  
But….if the munchkins are involved, I would say a dance party.  At least for part of the day.  Maggie is quite the little mover and shaker.  And we would probably cook up something fun.  She thinks it’s pretty cool to help me in the kitchen.  Charlie, he just goes with the flow…he’s still too young to have much say in the matter.  
I really want  to add in the video of Maggie dancing because it may just be the funniest thing ever!!! But…she is completely naked and I figure I shouldn’t go showing her naked dancing little self to all of you. 
So…what is your favorite rainy day activity?


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