Summer #BlogChallenge August 22 Remember Punky?

Summer #BlogChallenge August 22 Remember Punky?

I loved Punky Brewster growing up!  Punky Brewster’s father walked out on her family, and then her mother abandoned her and her dog in a Chicago shopping center.  Punky and her dog took hid in an empty apartment but were eventually discovered and sent to an orphanage.  The manager of the building liked her and fought to become her foster dad.  She was able to move on and grow closer to her new dad. 
Truthfully, I don’t remember watching the show now, or anything much about it, but…here is one memory I do have.  Growing up, I loved school, but was never able to stay in my seat.  One day in fourth grade, my teacher gave me this bright orange piece of cloth to wear as a seatbelt in hopes that maybe I would stay sitting down.  Ha!  That didn’t work, but I thought the cloth was cool and tied it around my arm or leg, I forget and declared that I was Punky Brewster.  Let me tell you, I was so cool!  
What show from your childhood would you bring back?


  • Somehow, I misses Punky Brewster. I never knew what the heck my classmates were talking about until it was too late. Lol by the time I learned about her, she off the air and I was still the uncool kid in class. Lol!!!

  • I remember that show…though I was much older than you when it came out.

    That’s an interesting memory about the orange cloth seat belt.

    One of the local schools here are experimenting with alternative chairs and no chairs for kids to help address the need for kids who like to be active. They have them sit on exercise balls for chairs in one class, and stand for part of the day in another. It helps kids be able to move…even though they are at at their desks.

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