Summer #BlogChallenge August 3 – What helps you get through meltdowns?

Going Green with the Grizls
This challenge could be taken two ways? Am I having a meltdown or is my little girl having a meltdown? When I am close to having a meltdown (which happens, hormones plus not having a lot of help), usually I just need an hour or two of sleep. Either that, or I need some social interaction with adults. John works out of state, so I am alone with the kids a lot and tend to start to feel unappreciated after awhile. Some quality time with somebody that is over the age of 1 and is important to me helps a lot! When Maggie has a meltdown….well…these don’t happen too often. I’m either really lucky or totally in for it. We will see which it is. Maggie’s too, are usually caused by lack of sleep. We have a few more now that Charlie is here. For me to get through it without going crazy, I need PATIENCE! And I have a lot of it, most days anyways. A change of scenery usually helps us both. A trip outside, a car ride to a park or a friends house, anything.  
How do you get through a meltdown?

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