Summer #BlogChallenge August 7 – A skill I wish I had

Summer #BlogChallenge August 7 – A skill I wish I had

Today’s challenge topic is A skill I wish I had….When I think of this, my mind wanders all over the place, I can’t settle on any one thing, but I’m watching the Olympics as I write this, and here is what I keep coming back to.  

I wish I had the skill these athletes have to compete at that high of a level.  Don’t get me wrong, I am capable of playing sports, in fact, I LOVE to play sports.  But I don’t have the skill level that they do.  Maybe because I don’t have the drive inside of me to be the best at any of them.  I love playing softball most of all, but I love volleyball and roller derby as well.  

Aside from that, the only other things I can think of I’m not sure are skills.  I would love to be able to keep my house clean, but try as I might, it just doesn’t happen.  Or I would love to be able to stay organized, but I think these two things kind of play together….

How about you my lovely readers, what is a skill that you wish you had?


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