Summer #BlogChallenge August 8 – Bucket List

Today’s challenge is to create a bucket list of at least ten things…Here we go

  • Go Skydiving – I  have always wanted to do this, but now I’m not positive if I ever will.  I don’t like to take risks by doing things like that since I had my babies.  
  • Travel to the rest of the U.S. states I haven’t been too.  I believe there are only 11 left.  Montana, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina.  I think those are the only ones I haven’t been to yet.
  • Go to Ireland, Sweden, Norway, that area.
  • Take a motorcycle trip with John to British Columbia.  Not really sure why a motorcycle trip, I’m pretty sure it rains a lot there.
  • Have 3 more babies and stay sane…Does this count for my bucket list?
  •  Live on a lake
  • Watch an NFL game in each stadium – Go Packers!!!
  •  Go to the Superbowl, preferably one where the Packers play and win!
  •  Finish my kids’ scrapbooks.  I scrapbooked a lot before having kids, but now it’s hard to find the time.
  • Go on a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.


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