Summer #BlogChallenge Day 11 Best Day of Your Life

Summer #BlogChallenge Day 11 Best Day of Your Life

I’m sure this will come as a shock…but the best day of my life is the day my daughter was born.  Hands down!  Although I feel like each day is better and better because she is so awesome!  I can’t even imagine the awesomeness I will experience when this baby is born in the next few weeks.  
There was a day shortly after she was born (*hormones*) where I sat holding her and cried for hours because she was so beautiful!  Ridiculous, right?  I always knew I would love being a mommy so much, but until Maggie was born, I had no idea what so much meant.  There is no way I could even put into words the feelings and love I experienced when I held her for the very first time.  

What has been the best day of your life?  Does it involve your wedding or the birth of a child?  Or is it something else?  


  • Mine most definitely is when Aubrey was born. Like you, I always knew I wanted to raise a family and I thought I knew the love I had for her as I watched her grow in my belly but…I was wrong. So, so wrong. The moment I saw her my world ended and began again. That girl is my whole entire world. She saved me from something I didn’t even realize I was still fighting. : )

  • There are times where my eyes well up when I’m just watching my kids thinking about how lucky I am to be a mom and how great my kids are.

    • I have those moments a lot! It’s amazing how much power such little people hold! Every single night I pray that Maggie never loses her happy little spirit because she is such a joy.

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