Summer #BlogChallenge Day 14 15 Tips To Get Through Life

Today’s challenge is to leave you wonderful readers with 15 tips to get through life.  Hmmm.   I think this one will be a challenge.  I like it.  Here we go.

1.  Drink a lot of water.  I know, simple, right?  But I found once I started drinking more water and less everything else, I felt much better and had much more energy.
2.  Chat daily with somebody that matters to you.  You will keep your sanity this way.
 3.  Human touch is an amazing thing.  Get some every day.  It will calm you down and keep you in a better mood.  I read this in psychology class in college and questioned it.  I was a cashier at the time and when I handed people their change, I would touch their palm with my fingers.  So simple, yet it made a big difference.  Everybody smiled.  Weird, but true.
4.  When it comes to friends, it’s quality, not quantity that really matters.  Something I have to remind myself a lot!  I only have 3 really good friends, and two of them live quite a ways away from me so I hardly ever see them.  Some days I wish I had lots more friends, but the ones I have are so wonderful!
5.  Take time for yourself each day.  Even if it is only 10 minutes.  This is something I really struggle with most days.
6.  Remember what it was like to be a kid.  Pass it on to your children.  Take the time to play with them, let them explore and be messy.  Let them be children.  Most important… them!
7.  Love the one your with!  
8.  Look on the bright side!  You can’t change everything, and if you can’t change it, it isn’t worth worrying over.  Once I figured this out, I have enjoyed my life much more.  
9.  The housework will  wait.  (This is my favorite and one I live by most days).  If you come to my house, be warned, it probably won’t be spotless.  I’m okay with that.
10.  Exercise often.  You only get one body, and medical science will only do so much.
11.  Spend time with your family!  My family still gets together to celebrate every holiday and everybody’s birthday…no matter how old you are!  And there are 20 of us 🙂
12.  Spend time outdoors.  The fresh air does wonders for the mind and spirit.  
13.  Parent your way (well…and your spouses).  The general population doesn’t always know what is right for you and your family.  You do!  
14.  Don’t judge!  You have no idea what people are dealing with.
15.  Dance in the rain!  

I’m sure there is some fabulous piece of advice I could give you that would make your life better that I left out, but that’s how it goes.  


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