Summer #BlogChallenge Day 18 A Recipe I Love

I had a hard time deciding which recipe to share!  I decided to go with a dessert that makes me want to go make this right now!
1 Box Brownie Mix (or you can make your own)
1 Container Cool Whip
1 Container Raspberries (or fresh raspberries)
1 Box Chocolate Pudding
Large Glass Serving Dish
Prepare brownies according to package.  Let them cool somewhat or completely.  Chunk them up and put half of them in a large glass serving dish.  Add a layer of choloate pudding and then a layer of cool whip, then strawberries.  Repeat with brownies, pudding, cool whip and top with raspberries.  Serve cold.  Such a yummy dessert….especially for this mama who loves brownies, chocolate pudding, cool whip and raspberries.  Served in the glass dish makes it look so pretty!

What is your favorite recipe? 


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