Summer #BlogChallenge Day 21 Words to Live By

Today’s post is about the most recent words of wisdom that have stuck with me.  This is something I heard or read many years ago, but it has always stuck with me.  This is something I think I am constantly reminding John about when it comes to our daughter.  

For me, this falls along the lines of “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”  Once I learned to think of both of these phrases each day, life wasn’t so stressful anymore.

What are the some words of wisdom you live by?   Do they make life easier?


    • It’s one of those things people really focus on after the death of a loved one! It’s nice to remember when it counts 🙂

      Somedays, I’m too busy enjoy Maggie’s little moments that I forget to capture them on camera! I hate that!

  • I actually know this all too well. I have a 13 year old son, and now an almost 5 month old daughter. When my son was little, I was young and ignorant & while I treasured my moments with him as a baby & a small boy, I didn’t really grasp how much I would look back on those years with him and long to have that again. Especially over the past few years (before I became pregnant with my baby girl), when I was beginning to believe that I would never get to have a baby again. Now, I cherish as many moments as I can with my daughter. I KNOW how quickly the time flies by. <3

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