Summer #BlogChallenge Day 25 Ideal Day of "Me Time"

My ideal day of Me Time…..
I can honestly say that I’m not sure what I would do for a whole day.  I have a super duper awesome friend who keeps offering to take Maggie for the whole day.  I keep saying, no, thank you though, soon I will want that; but really, I just don’t know what I would do with an entire day.  I feel so guilty leaving my peanut.  
I do know that a Me Day would include reading a book in the sun.  Maybe even an entire book – it’s been awhile since I read an entire book in a day.  I would have lunch with a friend.  My day would end with me sitting in the hot tub, reading a book, with a glass (or bottle) of wine…..or beer…or margaritas….but usually the hot tub includes a glass of wine.  To be fair, I actually do this most nights when I am home.  We have a hot tub room in our house (and it really is super awesome) and after Maggie goes to bed, I sit in the hot tub with a glass of wine and read a chapter in my book no matter how tired I am.  I even got to the point where if Maggie had woken up, she could sit and cry for just a short bit until I finished my chapter.  She never napped good so this was the only little bit of time I had for myself all day.  I have missed using this while I am pregnant but will be filling it and using it again in the next few months!
Now that I started blogging, I would definitely have to fit that into a day of me time too.  I may even get some of the posts done that I really want to write but haven’t had time to write yet.  
What would an ideal day of me time be like for you?


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