Summer #BlogChallenge Day 3 – 15 Interesting Facts About Me

Summer #BlogChallenge Day 3 – 15 Interesting Facts About Me

15 Interesting Facts About Me
I hope these are interesting…..but it’s what I came up with.
1.  I use to play roller derby.  My derby name was Smack-N-Tiff.  (No, I never got in a fight).  Now I play softball.
2.  I love playing Texas Hold Em.  I haven’t played much since having Maggie, but there was a point where I won more playing one year than I did working……yikes!
3.  I grew up in a town of 500 people.  I am and always will be a small town girl.
4.  My parents died when I was 15.  I intended to post about that a few weeks ago, but ended up pretty busy and haven’t done that yet.
5.  I had a bunch of piercings before I had Maggie.  I took them all out before I gave birth and forgot to put them back in.  Most of all, I miss my tongue ring!
6.  I still have the same best friend I have had since I was 5.  I love you Katie!
7.  I bow hunt…sometimes….I have yet to shoot anything.  The one time I saw something, it was too far away.
8.  I love to scrapbook and make my own greeting cards, although I haven’t done much of either since Maggie was born.  
9.  I’m addicted to crime scene shows and some reality TV…I DVR everything so I don’t waste my precious time on commercials.
10.  I have a BA in Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences with minors in Legal Studies and Psychology….simply put….I’m a smart girl (or was, Maggie stole all of my brains).
11.  I am a work from home real estate agent.  I work very hard for my clients, but don’t put any effort into finding new ones.  Before that, I was a teacher.  Many different age groups, but I settled on 2 year olds.  They were my favorite age to teach!
12.  Chocolate covered gummy bears are my favorite treat!  And at almost $10 a pound….it’s a good thing I can only get them at the Mall of America which is too far from my house!
13.  I love beer.  And fishing.  And softball.  But seriously, I really love beer and I haven’t really had any since I got pregnant with Maggie.  I miss beer.  She is almost 20 months old!
14.  I’m a HUGE Green Bay Packers fan.  Some might call it obsessive.
15. I wear flip flops in the winter.  Yes, this is interesting…or crazy.  We live in Minnesota and it gets cold. 


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