Summer #BlogChallenge Day 8 Guilty Pleasure

Today’s post is about our guilty pleasure (aside from blogging).  I’m not even sure what my guilty pleasure is now.  It use to be playing Texas Hold Em.  I use to play almost every night of the week, but now I almost never play.  
Now I would have to say my guilty pleasure is reading.  Any murder mystery I can get my hands on will do.  I was involved in a very good book this week, and actually just sat and read while Maggie played outside.  I would prefer to interact, but it just wasn’t happening.

My other guilty please, is TV.  While I blog, I sit back and watch TV.  CSI, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Blue Bloods – one of my fav’s, and we can’t forget reality TV….Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race and Biggest Loser.  Thank goodness for DVR or I wouldn’t watch much at all!  

What is your guilty pleasure?  Want to read your other favorite bloggers guilty pleasures? Click the link above for the Summer Blog Challenge and follow the linky to the other bloggers posts.

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