Summer #BlogChallenge July 12 Favorite Vacation I have taken

Summer #BlogChallenge July 12 Favorite Vacation I have taken

To narrow it down to my favorite vacation I have taken, it is very tough.  I have had some great trips.  In college, I went to Australia and Italy.  Then I went on a road trip out to Maine which was awesome.  Then a few years ago, I went on a motorcycle trip out to Sturgis, then out to Colorado. Last year, I went to Ohio to visit my best friend and later to California to visit my sister.   Each trip was my favorite for different reasons, so I thought I would write just a bit about each one.  I am quite proud of the fact that there are only 11 states in the US that I haven’t been to and hope to conquer them all. 
Australia was the number 1 place I have always wanted to go my entire life.  I was stoked to take a Criminal Justice in Australia class since that was my major.  I spent 24 days in Australia.  At the time, I wasn’t old enough to legally drink here, so needless to say, I drank my fair share when I was there.  There were only 7 of us in the class and we had a lot of free time to go exploring.  It was an absolute blast!  We met tons of people there because we stayed for awhile on a college campus and met with a lot of the students there.  This was my first trip alone and I was very excited and nervous.  In Sydney, one of the first things we did was hop on a bus and go some place to visit.  Learned an important lesson right away…..make sure you pay attention to where you got on the bus at so you know how to get home!  People in Australia are some of the nicest people ever!
Italy was another place I had dreamed of going.  There were 31 students on the trip and the professors didn’t let us have a lot of free time which was a bummer.  The best part of the trip was Venice.  People there were so nice!  We had such a blast.  We spent time in Milan just hopping on the subway to wherever we decided to get off.  I made some great friends on this trip, but truth be told, it felt good after 3 weeks to be back with regular toilets and mountain dew!
Maine was an amazing trip!  I had met a guy named Mike in Australia, he actually went on the trip with me and we started dating when we got back.  He graduated a year before me and wanted to take a trip before he started his new job.  We decided to road trip it out to Maine from Minnesota.  We stopped in West Virginia and took a train to Washington D. C. .  We made only a few reservations the entire trip.  That was one of them.  We also reserved a campground at this place in Maine called Seboomook.  No joke – I picked it out on an atlas one day because I liked the name.  Turned out to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life!  22 miles on a private road.  If I wasn’t so lazy right now, I would grab the scanner and the scrapbook and show you the pictures but I have a sleeping baby on my lap right now.  On the way to Seboomook, we stopped at a bunch of lighthouses on the way (I kind of got addicted on the way).  On the way home, we stopped in Hershey, PA (which may be one of the most beautiful states I have ever been to in my life).  Then we stayed on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.  So awesome!  Then it was back home for us.  2 weeks of fun fun fun!!!
John and I went to Sturgis a few years ago.  I rode on the back of a Sportster the entire way because I’m awesome like that!  We had a ton of fun, but surprisingly, the best part of our trip was out in Colorado.  We had a moose so close to us in the park out there.  We were definitely exhausted when we got home but had a lot of fun.  I am so glad we did this because now that I have kids, I don’t know that I would do it until they are grown.  

Last year, I went to visit my best friend from kindergarten out in Ohio.  We had a fun birthday party for one of her sons and she got to meet my little Maggie.  It was an adventure traveling with her.  It was a surprise though, I flew out with her mom and brother and she didn’t know that I was going to be there until she picked us up at the airport.  The fun part was that I asked her advice on traveling with kids.
Later last year, I went out to San Diego to visit my youngest sister.  I was only about 7 weeks pregnant and a bit sick to my stomach and tired.  Plus I was traveling with my barely 1 year old.  It was a lot of fun though.  Maggie’s first trip to the ocean, going to the San Diego zoo and her first Packer’s game.  My sister is in the navy and we went to visit the USS Midway, and somewhere in the interior of the ship, I got very sick to my stomach, had to quickly unstrap Maggie from her carrier, hand her to somebody and try to find a place to throw up.  

First plane ride and picture with the pilots.  Wow!  She looks so little here! 
I also spent a month out in California with one of my aunts right after my parents died when I was 15.  
These are some of my favorite trips.  In case you can’t tell, I LOVE to travel!  
How about you…what is your favorite vacation?


  • I would love to see Italy! Not so much Australia because of the heat and the wild animals like snakes and spiders they have over there. But there are so many places I do want to see!

    • We didn’t really notice snakes and spiders. We did see a lot of iguanas – huge ones just roaming about on the last part of our trip. And a koala out climbing a tree. The heat wasn’t bad at all when we were there but that was in January.

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