Summer #BlogChallenge July 16 – Favorite Room in My House

Summer #BlogChallenge July 16 – Favorite Room in My House

This is an easy challenge post for me.  I have been waiting this entire pregnancy to use my hot tub room again.  I am very excited, only about a month longer and I can fill it up again.  After I had Maggie, I realized that I needed to make time for myself.  I started sitting in the hot tub before bed, reading a chapter from my book and having a glass of wine.  This was the only time of day when I didn’t go immediately to Maggie if she cried.   These were my 15 minutes!  
Now that I had little Charlie man, I fully intend to do the same thing once things settle down a bit more around here.  
This was a big selling point for me when we bought the house.  The room was beautifully done.  
Now I even have a fake palm tree, a rock and candle garden in there.  It is a very peaceful room. 


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