Summer #BlogChallenge July 17 – Random Act of Kindness

Today’s challenge is to write about a random act of kindness.  This makes me laugh because we were just talking about this sort of thing on Sunday with some of John’s cousins.  They drove down to visit us and we went out to the mall so that Melissa and I could get pedicures.  When we were leaving, we had to wait just a bit because there was a younger lady whose car had stalled right behind our parking spaces.  She had somebody trying to help her get it running, but it wasn’t working.  Paul helped her to push it into a spot and then instead of just getting in the car and leaving, he stayed and helped her get it running and figure out the problem.  I was at the back of the Envoy changing little Charlie Man who decided to poop as we got in the truck.  Melissa said to me – I love that man!  He is so helpful to everybody who needs it.  That made me smile.  When John and I had first started dating, we were going somewhere, and we saw a car stall out just as we drove past it.  John turned around, then around again at the next light and we stopped and helped the guy out.  
I could share a million more stories about random acts of kindness, but I will stop with that because that just happened this past weekend.  
Have you performed a random act of kindness for somebody?  Has somebody done the same for you?


    • It reminds me of that song…”you don’t owe me a thing…I’ve been there too, someone once helped me out, just the way I’m helping you. If you really wanna pay me back, here’s what you do, don’t let the chain of love, end with you”

  • My husband did something similar the other day and even went as far as to buy a couple of gallons of gas for the couple. He said the lady was pregnant and the guy look so defeated that he was glad he could help. We married great guys!

    • yes we did. When we were out in Sturgis a few years ago, we headed out to Colorado. We ran out of gas at the one mile marker to the gas station. I was cracking up and we started walking, he was pushing the motorcycle. This guy showed up with a little gas. They saw it happen from their kitchen table. They also said it happened a lot there.

  • It is amazing how one random act of kindness can touch so many. If only we lived each day looking for opportunities to help others, what a wonderful world this would be. Can’t wait to see more pics of Charlie!

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